You are not listening (Self reminder)

The truth is that I was not paying attention to what she was saying.  My mind was “connected” to my own personal network, and thoughts on different subjects were floating around like a bank of fish in the sea. Not even the traffic noise could interfere with my self-centred thoughts.

My friend was talking about trivial topics and I “assumed” I already knew where her conversation was leading to.  I was wrong. But my focus was on my own interests and talking about frivolous things was not part of my plans for the day.

I had no time to waste on unimportant talking and after all, I already knew everything she had to say. Or at least, that was what I thought.

She suddenly stopped, looked at me and said. “I think that would be a good solution, don´t you agree?”

I stood there feeling a cold shiver running down my spine, since she seemed to be waiting for an answer. Continue reading



I wasn’t surprised to read a recent study from the University of Philadelphia and the University of Madison, WI, USA, about the importance of talking to oneself in order to activate and increase your memory.

In a nut shell, the study presents a series of results, taken from several investigations where people from different backgrounds were asked to try and remember where they had placed things, while they said in loud voice the name of the object they were searching for. For instance, a group of people who were trying to find their keys, while looking around their house for them kept repeating: ”keys, the keys” all the time and other group of people were asked not to say or think that word. Continue reading

Severe judge

I was watching a video of my daughter dancing, in my opinion, (and I must say that I am not the typical father who sees everything his children do as marvellous and perfect), she did a very good job, but for her, she danced terribly, I tried to see the terrible parts in it, to comment with her what should be improved, but it was not as bad as she saw herself.

That reminded me when I was her age I used to see the videos of my tournaments and I was extremely critic of myself. My teachers were happy with my improvements, but to my eyes I was really lousy and clumsy in my movements. Maybe it was the little critic we all have inside? Continue reading


She was really struggling to climb up the stairs at an underground station. I could notice she said something with ever step she climbed. She was around 60 years old, so she was not so old as to have such difficulty to move, so I thought she could use some help. I approached her offering my arm so she could use it as a support.

She just smiled and grabbed my arm at the same time she kept repeating: “I am so weak now”. I kept my silence while she slowly climbed each step of those long stairs, and every step she repeated the same words: “I am so weak now”. Continue reading

Ask yourself

Usually when we are going through a difficult situation or while trying to find an answer to an inner question we tend to search for answers with family and/or friends who appear before our eyes as knowledgeable people.

We search for someone who can provide us with the best solutions and who can take us out of our doubts. Someone who can give us the best answer and show us the best and fastest way to reach our goals. Continue reading