There is no time in life to waste

I am not saying you need to get worried about time and hurry to do everything right now before something happens to you. That will stress you more than help you in anyway.

What I mean here is stop thinking that you can leave things for a better time, for another moment, for tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

I have been losing many friends lately. Yes I am guilty for having friends who are older than me. But you know what? Older people have an unbelievable baggage of experiences, accumulated knowledge and life lessons to share with anyone who is willing to listen to them and believe me, they are willing to share their stories with you. Continue reading

Broken bowl

There is an old Buddhist teaching that says that you should see your bowl already broken.  That is, if you know a bowl can brake and if you accept it that way then you won’t overreact when it actually does.

This teaching tells us that if we are aware that everything has a cycle, when a particular cycle ends we won’t be shocked by it. Our mind will accept the end of that cycle and will be able to carry on without trauma. Continue reading