Find your hope (Auto-reminder)


Do you remember that time when you thought everything was lost and there was not possible solution for that problem?

When you were a child, there were times when things appear impossible to accomplish, things like holding your spoon properly, reaching for a toy in a tall drawer, solving an addition on the blackboard while all classmates were watching you, and so forth.

Probably there were times when you felt hesitant to tell your parents you had broken their favourite vase by accident while playing with your ball inside your home. You just could not think of a way out of that situation, right?

As you advanced in your life, the tests became more challenging and the situations seemed harder.  But, when you looked back, you could see that you were always able to find a solution for every tribulation you found in your way, right? Continue reading

The punishment (Short story)

The day began as usual in that little community, everybody were beginning their daily chores and there was an atmosphere of calmness and boredom among the inhabitants.

Only one of the elders felt a little nervous, he didn’t know why, but something was wrong. Nobody paid any attention to his comments, after all, he was just too old.

Suddenly the earth began to vibrate, all around this little village was shaking and after a few seconds everything turned black, like a sudden total Sun eclipse, but this was faster and totally unexpected. Continue reading

There is no time in life to waste

I am not saying you need to get worried about time and hurry to do everything right now before something happens to you. That will stress you more than help you in anyway.

What I mean here is stop thinking that you can leave things for a better time, for another moment, for tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

I have been losing many friends lately. Yes I am guilty for having friends who are older than me. But you know what? Older people have an unbelievable baggage of experiences, accumulated knowledge and life lessons to share with anyone who is willing to listen to them and believe me, they are willing to share their stories with you. Continue reading

Look forward

I couldn’t say that he was in his best mood but, at least he was doing his best not to look too worried.  He had all his life been a fine person, a little “different” from the rest but, a decent man.

He had to sell part of his company and part of his possessions to be able to pay some of his debts. And as usually happens, more tragedies appeared in his life at that time. Deaths, illness, divorce, problems, radical changes and many other unexpected events arrived all at once.

His life was totally different to what he had been used to his whole life. Continue reading


I have mentioned many times an old Russian proverb that says: “There is no bad without good”. And in a few words it means that every time something “bad” happens to us, it’s because it brings something better behind it.

I have learnt that receiving every negative incident that arrives to our life with a positive disposition changes a lot the final result of that event. Continue reading

Make them smile

I knew she had gone through a real hell, to say the least. She had to suffer big losses and in some way anything I could say wouldn’t help her to get over all that.

When a person is really suffering there is no much you can say to them.  They need to go through their mourn cycle and then time will help them heal some wounds. Not completely but they will smile again.  And most times that is something you can try. Continue reading

Bad things in life

When things begin to go bad like in a “chain of bad luck” we tend to focus all our attention on the bad thing that happened to us first, that will cause our mind to tune into that frequency and keep attracting more bad things into our life. Then we call that a “losing streak” and begin to complain about our bad luck.

But how you ever wonder if those “bad things” are some kind of sign? Continue reading

Beyond silence

I have met this friend for more than 10 years, he had been a very important person in the media industry and he had always been a very strong and “tough” person.  He had to, he was in charge of one of the biggest entertainment companies in this country.

He has a lovely family and they were his main treasure. Continue reading

The bliss of letting go

One of the most difficult things we have to face in our lives is losing something or someone.

We all feel safe and happy when we are living a life according to the standards stablished by our society, family or friends.

When we have a home, a job, a relationship, good health and the things we have been taught as essential for  “a normal and stable life”, then we feel we are safe and secured. Continue reading