You are the best!

Sometimes we look up at other people thinking their lives are really great and worth imitating.  We see just what they allow us, great houses, cars, expensive gadgets, etc.

We believe they have a wonderful life and we wish we could be as lucky as they are.

We see people we call achievers and read about their great success in business, sports, politics etc.  We would love to do things as good as they do.

We tend to idealise those people and really believe that we are very far from those overachievers.  We wouldn’t dream to compare with them and sometimes we even feel happy if we could do a quarter of what they can do.  And actually that is the real problem. Continue reading


One more step

There is nothing better than accomplishing our own goals or watching someone else who has earned his/her way to the top.

We all have stories in our own life when we reached some difficult goal just a few instants before quitting. Thanks to that last step(s) we decide to take at that time, we now know what the taste of achieving is like.

Sometimes we complain because some event or set of events take us out of our routine.  The life as we knew it is over and we need to pick up our pieces and restart a new path. Continue reading


When I was a child and someone was leaving, we used to say: good luck! As a way to say good bye, we actually didn’t mean to wish that person good fortune or good results. It was just an expression. Just that.

With the years that expression lost popularity and nowadays when we “wish good luck” to someone, most people would automatically answer: “there is no such thing as luck”. Which by the way, is another “ready-made expression” now.  With some other “prefabricated” answers. Continue reading

The biggest obstacle

When you need to define what is the main thing you need to eradicate, in order to accelerate results in your life, the first thing that appear in most people’s list is: Envy.

Envy is one of the worst unnecessary feelings there is. It loads our soul with resentment and causes too many negative effects in our physical and mental bodies.

It makes us sometimes question our worth as a human being and fills our heart with desperation and frustration for not having the possessions, abilities or “luck” of someone else. Continue reading

The real change.

I remember when I was a child to have heard someone talking about the possibility that the rest of the world did not exist per se, that everything you see is a creation of your mind, then you are the centre of your universe and nothing exists outside your head.

That would confirm what they say about you being the only responsible of all your misfortunes as well as all your blessings. Continue reading