And now what?


“…So I began to visualise the end results I wanted to see in my life and then I stood there staring at the ceiling in silence wondering what to do next.” He said.

“Well after visualising what you want to manifest, what´s next is to follow your heart, you need to take a step towards what you want to get. If you don’t do anything, even taking a little step so your action moves the rest of the Universe, nothing is going to happen.” Was my answer.

“Ok, ok I know all that, I have read it a thousand times, but the thing is that right now, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I have done everything I know I can do, I have NO idea what the next step is and I need YOU to help me to find out what should I do now. There is nothing more enervating than wishing something and having no idea what to do about it, I cannot keep staring at the ceiling my whole life.” He said desperately.

“Ok, I understand, I have been there many times before. After you have done everything you can and/or you know you can do about it, what is next is to use the biggest force that can help you manifest in your life what you need: Gratitude.” Continue reading



In the last few years, I have seen among friends and colleagues a tendency (yes, me included of course), to feel that if you are not busy all the time, you are wasting your time.

This phenomenon is more common in big cities. We are getting used to be stressed all the time. And if you find yourself, in a certain moment, relaxed and calmed, then a feeling of guilt takes over your heart.

Nowadays, it seems unforgivable to be relaxed and happy, it is generally taken as an act of “laziness”, “idleness” or a” waste of your life”.

Believe it or not, many people are living that way. All the time. Continue reading


I have noticed that the worst disappointments in my life have been caused by what I expected things and people to be, instead of allowing them just be what they really were.

Learning to let things, people and circumstances to be what they really are hasn’t been easy at all.  And I am not talking about doing something to change the bad things around my life, but to give a person, a situation or a thing a tag that does not belong to them. Continue reading

I am the obstacle

I was trying to remember the precise moment when I started to materialise my wishes like crazy, one after the other.  And then in what precise moment I stopped doing it.

I remember that when I learnt about the Law of Attraction I was really excited about the new discoveries I was making and at the same time I was not limiting myself on what I wanted to manifest in my life.

But after sometime my old ideas started to slow me down and then I stopped asking and setting goals.

Then it was when things became difficult again. Continue reading


“Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.”Norman Vincent Peale


The first time I read that quote by Norman Vincent Peal, I thought I had understood its meaning, but now I realise I am discovering its real profundity.

One of the fastest ways to manifest something in our lives is “living” it on the other side.  Feeling and living as if we already have it.

Sometimes it is easier said than done, but I have discovered that once we understand its meaning things become easier to manifest. Continue reading

New praying method

The only time I prayed was when I needed something.

And usually, as a last resource a few hours before the “miracle” was needed.

So with anguish or/and despair and at the last moment, the miracle was not very often received.

It took me a long time to realise that praying from despair rarely works.  And requesting all the time for something was the worst way for actually getting it. Continue reading