Clean yourself first

We search for the latest methods to attract to our lives what we wish for, we keep changing schools, we attend, for a while, to different courses, and we read all kinds of books and watch all the videos on the Law of Attraction.

But we keep missing one of the most important aspects to make our life better and that is, take care of our own physical vessel. Continue reading

Receiving, why is not here yet?

Often people ask me why they don’t receive what they are visualising or requesting to the Universe and although there are too many reasons why that is happening, one of the reasons I found more often as the main cause for not seeing in our lives what we are wishing for is very simple: we are not ready or willing to receive.

Probably you have been working on your attachment problems and now you could give away many of your earthly possessions without a fuss, but what about receiving? Continue reading


Have you ever listened to a remote transmission on the radio or TV?

The person on the studio asks a question to the person who is in a location outside the studio and there is a silence of a few seconds, then the person in the remote location answers the question.  But there is this “hole” this period of time when we have to wait until the audio signal goes up to the satellite, then from there connects to the remote receptor, the reporter listened to the question and then answers it, the answer goes up to the satellite and then goes down to the receptor in the studio where is broadcast to our radio or television, all that process takes a time and that is why we have to wait a few seconds during transmissions. Continue reading

Why I am not manifesting what I want?

We often try to manifest what we want from a state of “stagnation”, “lack” or “limitation”.

After all, these are states that make us want something more. However, at the same time prevent us from having what we want.

Look, when you’re feeling the lack and limitation, you see the world through that lens, and others perceive that in you too. In this state, it is unlikely that you can clearly see the opportunities that come to you,  opportunities that could motivate you to take inspired action, or take you to something better.

When all you feel is the “gap” in your life, you will be a magnet for experiences that match that state.

So, what can you do? What if those are your “true” feelings? Continue reading