Your real power

If someone would tell you right now that you are more “in charge” of your happiness than you think, what would your answer be?

Of course, we all are now aware of our “responsibility and influence” on our own happiness and well-being.  We have read a lot lately about how important our thoughts and feelings are to influence our end results.

But most times we need a reminder of this, because as soon as the things become difficult, we tend to forget our own power and immediately go back to “desperation mode”.

The XIV Dalai Lama once said: “If there is no solution to the problem then do not waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then do not waste time worrying about it”.

And I have been many times there, where I thought things were very rough and I felt powerless and scared for the “magnitude” of the problems I had right in front of me.  But after some time, with the help of others or even through my own merits, I finally realised that things were not as huge as they seemed. Continue reading


He usually looked so calmed and relaxed, I wondered sometimes if he ever got angry or nervous about something.

One day I heard he was going through a severe legal problem involving a money issue with his relatives. When I went to visit him he looked as usual, calmed and relaxed, despite the problems he was facing going to courts and having to deal with attorneys all the time.

At first I didn’t dare to ask him how he was feeling, since his attitude was clear enough as to see he was doing quite well. Continue reading

Grow your mind-set

I was new at that programming job, I was young and it was my first work in a very impressive environment. Everyone was much older than I and with all the experience of the world, being the elite of engineers and experts in many fields.  It was overwhelming for me.

One day they asked me to do a program to do some satellite tracking routines and I had no idea how to do something like that.  Continue reading

Your echo

I remember how funny it was for me to play with my echo when my mother took me to an old chapel where you could speak in low voice in a corner and other person could listen to what you said on the other. The effect was amazing, I was about 4-5 years old, and actually thought there was some kind of “connection” there so that phenomena was possible.

I think we all have played with an echo, shouting in a cave or geodesic chamber is a fun and amazing experience, especially for children, they don’t care if other people look at them in a funny way, actually I don’t either now. But this is an enlightenment exercise as well. Continue reading

Trust what´s coming

When you are searching something on line, you usually type in the word or words related to the subject you need to find info about, you usually press the key “return” or “enter” or “send” , depending the device you are using and, you just wait for the list of results to appear.

Usually this happens in a matter of seconds, depending on the speed of your connection to Internet.  If you connection is not very fast and/or the search engine is too busy at that moment, you just wait. You don’t keep pressing the “return” key many times to “accelerate” the search. You “understand” that sometimes the Internet gets slow for several reasons, it’s annoying but you know it happens often.” Continue reading

Spiritual fitness

Can you imagine to run 5 kilometres around your house, then go to the gym for 3 hours and after that doing 2 more hours or Pilates, just to decide, after all that hectic day, to stop training for a whole month?

You would consider that as a crazy decision, wouldn’t you? Who would decide to waste all that effort in such a silly way? Continue reading

A new you

We have all heard that two bodies cannot occupy the same place in space. And that, in this physical plane, is something very evident and easy to prove.

The same principle can be applied to our behaviour and mind set.

We have been talking about the importance of changing our thoughts in order to change our world, as well as the importance of an everyday renewal. But something very important is to understand that we cannot be a new person if we are going to remain doing the same things as before.

Once again:  “Two bodies cannot occupy the same place in space“. Well then you need to make space for the new you who is about to be born. Continue reading

Being Worthy

We have been taught that we need to “earn” everything in our lives.

I am not saying that you should just sit around and wait for things to come down from heaven.

But the real issue here is our concept of deservingness. That is a real problem because that has been a barrier for us to advance and receive many things we have wished for but our own “mental barriers” kept us from getting them.

We have been told to put “prices” on everything. If you wish to take a trip or to have a new house, car or mobile phone, you have to earn it first. Continue reading

Right now.

Have you realised that you are worrying for something outside this very moment?

I am sure you have heard too many times about living the here and the now, and if I try to mention those words once more you will tell me you don’t need any more reminders. You already know that.

Nevertheless you are still stressing yourself too much.   You are worrying about the past, worrying about the future and letting the present pass by unnoticed. Continue reading