The power of the vacuum

Few year ago in London I had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of the Casimir Effect experiment that proves the existence of energy in the “vacuum”.  Do not worry I will not get too technical here so if you would like to get more information on this, search “The Casimir effect” on the net. I am sure you will find this very interesting.

This morning I received new info on that subject and it inspired me to find more answers on different situations I am going through right now.

We are discovering nowadays that most concepts we had about that, what we call reality, are wrong. And we will need to re-think our own ideas and concepts once more. Continue reading


You are already here (Rules for standing up once more)

(These are some excerpts taken from my conference in a community centre last week) Just some highlights I chose to share with you here.

  • We lose track of our past accomplishments and endeavours under the blinding light of the things yet to be done.
  • The overwhelming feeling of looking at all the things that need to be done in front of us is a powerful feeling that most times keeps us from advancing in our personal enhancement.
  • We are so concerned with our image and the concept others have about us that we forget what it is really important: our self-perception.
  • If I had known all the aspects I needed to learn before mastering a language like Russian, I’m sure that I would never have started to learn it in the first place.
  • The only way you can accomplish something big is taking a step at a time.
  • Stop trying to look at all the things you still have to do, accomplish, learn, etc. Just concentrate on what lies right in front of you here and now.
  • Don´t ask yourself how you are going to do it please. This only increases your level of stress and uncertainty and, that will not help you in anyway whatsoever.
  • If you want to read more of this article and similar ones. Click here


One of the best things of making up your mind to clean that spot in your home you have been neglecting for a long time is, that you might find many things that were lost and you never imagined you would find again and specially, in that place!

Once you decide to start taking things out that abandoned box, closet, cupboard, etc. You are surprised by all the things that were hidden there, the more you “explore” inside the more you will find and then, you begin to wish you had done this cleaning before.

After all the “useful” things you found, you cannot understand how you could procrastinate this cleansing for such a long time! Continue reading


I have noticed that the worst disappointments in my life have been caused by what I expected things and people to be, instead of allowing them just be what they really were.

Learning to let things, people and circumstances to be what they really are hasn’t been easy at all.  And I am not talking about doing something to change the bad things around my life, but to give a person, a situation or a thing a tag that does not belong to them. Continue reading

That little voice?

I was watching the traffic light, waiting for it to let me know I could safely cross the avenue.  A group of 8 people gathered around me waiting for the green sign to light up so we could continue our journey.

Most people were consulting their mobile phones and some looked inpatient since they would be late for work, since most people started their work day in around 10 minutes. Continue reading

Say yes

When the “down” cycle suddenly appears and things look a little gloomy it’s the time to change our modus operandi.

Life is a continuous cycle and as you know sometimes we are on the “crest, or up side” and then we go down to the “valley or low side”.  As cycles are a part of Nature we cannot “escape” form them, we cannot break or alter their flow. Continue reading


When I felt desperate or scared about solving a problem and I couldn’t see any “possible” solution at hand, I got really hysterical. My stress levels reached the ceiling and I felt lost and abandoned.

I never stopped to think about the effects those reactions would bring into the problem adding even more difficulties and hindering or retarding the solution. Continue reading

There is the magic!

The ant had fallen into the sink full of water and was not moving at all, there was not a sign of live in her little body, probably she had spent the whole night there. I took her softly and put her on a napkin to try to absorb some water from her body. I leave her there the whole day.

When I came back home I had completely forgotten about the poor ant, so when I entered the bathroom I was surprised to see her on the same place I left her. I felt sorry for her and decided to put her body in the garden, but when I was about to do it, I noticed a slight movement in one of her antennae, I thought I had imagined that, so I waited for a while. Then with the help of a magnifying glass I was able to notice another movement in one of her legs. Continue reading


I was listening to a friend who kept repeating that he would be happy if he could buy a new mobile phone, then his wife said that she would be happy when she could sell her car and buy a new one, then another person said all those things were silly, that he would be happy as soon as he regained his health again and other people made similar comments.

When they asked me when will I be happy? I just told them: I am very happy right now.  That does not mean that I have everything I wish right now, it doesn’t mean that I have no goals or dreams to fulfil either. It just means I just decided to be happy now and to follow my dreams and achieve my goals while I am happy all along. Continue reading


One of the disadvantages of being a man is that we will never understand the mystery and profundity of being a mother. We might try to imagine what it is like, we might try to understand with all our strength what it would be to give life to a new being and carry him inside us for ninth months, but we wouldn’t even get near to the experience.

There are many things you need to experience in your own body in order to really understand them. Otherwise there is no way to put into words or abstract concepts certain experiences. Actually you need to live life in order to fully understand it. Continue reading