Open to miracles


As things change in our daily life our brain registers everything around us.  We think we are aware of everything happening in our environment, but it is impressive to analyse all the details our conscious mind misses in the process.

It is the subconscious mind the one that registers everything and stores it in our inner archives.

The same happens with the events that occur in our lives.  They arrive and we immediately place them a tag, a positive one or a negative one, but the thing is that in either case we don’t see the whole picture.

We face the event and miss most of the scene.  We put a “good” or “bad” tag to it as fast as we can, since our conscious mind needs to have an adjective so it can classify it and react according to our own perception. Continue reading

Your life is a game


Listening to people of different age groups I have realised that every stage in our lives has its own uncertainties and tests.

When I was younger I thought that once you reached certain age you would know everything you need to just live your life without problems.

As I have reached different stages in my personal path, I have learned that we never get to the point of knowing everything we thought we would learn and I am so happy for that, for learning is one of the highest pleasures of life.

We keep changing every day and our needs and wishes evolve with us as well.

What we need to learn right now is right in front of us and we decide if we want to see it or not. Continue reading

Starting once more

I have heard often that deciding to begin something is a very difficult part of life. And yes, many times we waste a lot of time trying to determine what is the best course of action for our next step.

Deciding how to begin, could be very stressful but, what about starting all over again?

When you face something new you could be driven by enthusiasm, excitement, expectations and sometimes just plain ignorance of what is ahead of you.

But when you are facing something you have tried before and failed, your decisions could be loaded with anxiety to fail once more. Your past mistakes are huge ghosts difficult to overcome most times.  They are there to remind you that you were there before and you did something wrong and therefore you could repeat that error once again. Continue reading


People are nowadays living as fast as they can. It seems like a speed contest to see who the first to reach the highest level of stress is, in the shortest time possible.

They tell us to be passionate about our work, our activities and relationships, passionate about living our life to the fullest. That is brilliant, but I am seeing people who in order to feel they are passionate about their lives are entering a self-centred world of their own.

We do not need to be so radical about our actions.  We can be passionate and at the same time share that passion with others. Continue reading

Embrace it

I have heard so many times that you have to embrace change and difficulties when they come, that I thought I had totally understood the idea. And probably I had, but as usual when it comes to apply our knowledge in real life, things become difficult.

We are all excellent for theory but when practice time arrives, the story is quite different, same thing when giving advice to others, we already know what to say to them in any situation THEY have to face, but when we are in the same predicament, all those answers and solutions vanish from our head. Continue reading

Wrong Mode?

“The TV is not working again”

“What is wrong with it? I asked my mother.

“There is no image, I tune channel 3 and still no image!” she replied annoyed.

“Mmmh mum, this new set no longer needs to work on channel 3, now they have a special mode for different inputs”, I said with a calmed voice.

“Why do they have to do everything so complicated? So now what am I supposed to do to watch TV?” Her voice was getting louder…. So I proceeded with caution. This was dangerous territory. Continue reading

Your story

Everybody you see has a story, it could be a sad story, a tragic story, a success story or a very simple story. But everybody has a story. A story filled with happy and sad moments, with funny occurrences and amazing miracles. With unbelievable success and hard lessons some learnt already, some not quite yet. But we all have our own baggage on our backs.

Each day you add a new page to your life’s book and so does everyone else, we all have our own stories to tell. Some choose to share them with others, but most don’t. Continue reading

Only in the movies

How many times have you seen a scene on a film or a TV series where the events appear so synchronised and exaggerated that at the end everybody around you exclaimed: “That only happens in the movies!”?

Of course the entertainment industry has learnt to use our emotions in many ways and we have all experienced what it feels to live a story on this side of the screen, we are so involved into the story that we forget everything around us for a while and we experience fear, anguish, hate, happiness and all the gamma of human emotions available. Continue reading

The right universe (Note to myself)

I was reading about this theory that states that we are constantly shifting from different universe all the time, but this is done so fast we cannot notice the shifting. We are only aware of the universe we are tuned into at this precise moment.

As usual in modern physics, the observer is the one who determines with his/her attention the frequency of the universe we are experiencing.

The whole theory is very interesting and as all theories in science they have their followers and their retractors. But as we are our own personal laboratory, I think is a good point to elaborate a working hypotheses. Continue reading