I was reading about a study from Harvard University where they describe the importance of being focused on the present moment for improving our happiness.

We are always encouraged to let our mind wander in order to improve our creativity. There is nothing most wonderful than day dreaming and let our thoughts flow.  But according to this study, the more our mind wanders away from the present moment, the unhappier we become. Continue reading


Your balance

There is nothing more annoying when sitting at a table to eat or drink something than, finding a “dancing table”. When the table is not well balanced and you have to ask the waiter or even yourself to put something under a leg in order to level the table so you don’t have to keep “pulling” your side of the table up to keep your soup from spilling all the time.

Well I don’t know if you have experienced that, but I have lived that many times in all kind of restaurants, expensive and cheap ones. And believe me struggling with chairs and tables is not really a great way to begin a meal.

But everything in this universe needs balance to subsist and prosper. Continue reading

Water repellent

The other day I was watching a demonstration of a water repellent that was very impressive.

They showed two wood surfaces, on one of them they applied the repellent and left the other untouched. They sprayed a good load of water on both surfaces and the one without the repellent was soaking wet but the other was completely dry.  You could see the water slipping down the surface leaving the wood totally dry, untouched by the water. Continue reading

The stop button


 One of the most difficult things to do when we start monitoring our thoughts and speech is that once we thought or said what we are not supposed to think and say, we don’t know what to do next.

We feel guilty for falling into our old habit of focus on the negative and then we try to say the opposite immediately.

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