Just here

I must admit that being focused on this present moment is not as easy as I thought.

My mind is wandering more than ever and trying to keep it in this local reality is costing me an extra effort today.

Too many things are trying to keep me from “being here” and that is so interesting to observe, because I am trying to ask myself why, something apparently so simple, is so complicated today.

Probably paying so much attention to my thoughts today is making the task more difficult or, struggling to keep my mind relaxed is what is causing the opposite effect. But nevertheless it is so fascinating to observe this process from the inside. Continue reading

The truth?

“I just want to know the truth” I heard a by passer said with desperation. The person who was walking with him, softly answered:” But you already know the truth”. The first person acted surprised at first, but then he nodded accepting the comment and sadly looked away to the distance in silence.

Can we hide the truth so easily from ourselves? Are we really constantly avoiding to see it, even when it is “clearly “right in front of our eyes? Continue reading

Life lessons

Many people refer to their life experiences as “lessons from the University of Life”. Meaning that life itself is an abundant source of knowledge, experiences and very valuable lessons. Probably the best lessons in life are absolutely free. Or maybe not so “free” because the price we have to pay to receive them and learn from them is having to experience them in our life and that sometimes, is a very high price to pay.

Today I am feeling especially grateful for all my life lessons, I am fortunate to say I have experienced some very difficult ones from the best teachers in the universe: my “problems” and “hard times” have been excellent teachers and I am so grateful for them. Besides I have and still am learning from other people who have been kind enough to share their experiences with me and others who I have been able to observe from the distance as well. Continue reading

Blind spots

I have seen so many different techniques to avoid “blind spots” in cars that I think they could gather all the information and write a whole Encyclopaedia on the subject.

A blind spot is defined as an area around a vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver while operating it.  Those blind spots are the cause of many appalling accidents every year around the world. Continue reading

Looking at the future

When we look at the night sky we are actually seeing the past, not the actual present. All those starts and planets are very far away and even light has to travel through the space to reach us.  So the lights we observe at night are just old messengers that left their destiny a long time ago and now all we are watching is the arrival of that “message” to our home planet.

So maybe some of those stars no longer exist, and what we see is a ghost light letting us know that once upon a time, a sun like ours was positioned in the direction we are looking at right now. Continue reading


Imagine yourself sitting by a beautiful lake with crystalline water, so pure you can see the bottom of the lake and everything inside it perfectly.

The sand, the fish, the algae, the whole ecosystem right in front of you and you are really enjoying the view.

Then suddenly a child throws a rock in the lake and hundreds of ripples appear on the surface of the lake so you can no longer see that captivating view.  Would you worry about it? Would you enter in panic because you lost that pleasure for ever? Would you consider punishing that child for deprive you from contemplating that natural beauty? Continue reading