Building the new   

In a time of fast changes in technology, politics, society, ideologies and so on and so forth, being static seems to be “out of fashion”.

New discoveries in science appear and our ideas and old prejudices must change as well. Quantum physics is really weird and although it seems it cannot affect your “reality” directly, some of its effects are beginning to be understood nowadays.  We are changing the way we see our universe and there will be radical changes in our mentalities and dogmas in science and religion.  Yes, you have read well, there are dogmas in science too, believe it or not.  But we´ll talk about it some other time. There are many stubborn “scientists” out there who prefer to look to the other side when a new idea appears, since it is much more comfortable to remain believing in the old concepts than work on understanding and testing the new ones. Continue reading


Do you take yourself very seriously?

Don’t, actually, nobody else does.

We usually think other people “see us” as we see ourselves.

The truth is, every person who knows you has a different impression of you and their perspective could be totally opposite to yours, therefore, their “image” of you could be completely different to your own.

I believe we all know someone who seems to live in a very “isolated bubble”, especially, regarding to the energy they “send out” to the world.

I know a person who believes he is very handsome, humble, loved and liked by all his community.  If you ask him, everybody adore him, respect him and admire him.  According to him, everybody is his friend, especially famous and powerful people and he loves to brag about his photographs with them, with his family and friends. Continue reading


I was listening to a friend who vehemently expressed his ideas on politics. A group of people around him listened to his view with interest, but some of them did not agree with his ideas and they began to refute his points.

The whole thing became a mess while I sat there watching the theory of chaos developing right in front of my eyes.

The group then got divided in two sections (maybe more), one defending my friend’s opinions and the other aggressively attacking them.

I decided to keep my opinions to myself and remained in silence watching the furious debate and enjoying a cup of tea. Continue reading

Your silence


Nowadays, empty words are such a trend. Everybody has to say something all the time.

Even when they do not know what to say or they have no idea of what they are talking about.

If someone else is talking about something that happened to them the day before, people usually have an anecdote “more interesting”, “more frightening”, “more fabulous” to add.

If someone has some kind of illness or is going through a difficult time, there will always be that person who is going through something much more terrible than the others. As if demeaning other´s people problems and dilemmas was some kind of contest. Continue reading

 What is your scorpion?

I was overhearing a group of ladies in a park, complaining about the existence of bad ugly things and people.

One of them was saying that God shouldn’t allow bad things, people or events to exist. The rest of the group around her nodded in agreement.

I continued my walk thinking that when I was a little child I had that same stance towards scorpions. I was really afraid of them. And I was so terrified of them that I attracted them by the dozens.  When we went to visit my cousins in a region where scorpions are very common, they always were amazed to see that as soon as I got to their place, little scorpions began to appear, in the walls, in the corners, under the beds (specially under the bed I used), on the ceiling, etc. Of course my fear was so STRONG that I attracted them. obviously. (This is a clear example of the Law of Attraction at work). That awful feeling of fear attracted them as soon as I was present. Continue reading


They were asking me for my opinion on some artwork pieces they were choosing from, for an incoming exhibition.  As I am not an expert or critic of art, I remained silent most of the time, watching how every time someone spoke out their opinion on a painting or sculpture someone else revoke the concept giving their own and very different opinion about it.

It seemed like a strange contest where everybody was trying to “debunk” the other, it turned out very funny and at the end of the session we all laughed about it, since it made so evident the variety of our tastes and ideas about what art is and what that exposition should contain. Continue reading

Your clan

Humans are social animals, science says. Since the beginning of time, humans and their predecessors have tried to form small groups to feel safe, hunt, make work easier and even enjoy each other company.

Nowadays mobile phones are making direct communication a little more difficult, young people actually prefer communicate with friends and family through chats and social networks. Continue reading


With these new reality shows and investigation shows on TV where you can see in retrospective the lives of people who, for some reason ended up in prison or death. After an investigation of the lives of those people, we found out many details that were not evident for their friends and family.

It is bizarre how often you hear in those shows comments like: “They looked like the perfect couple…”, “He/She seemed to live a perfect life…”,”They seemed to have everything in life, a perfect relationship, money, looks, everything….”, and so on and so forth. Continue reading

The news


 How can I start my day in a positive way if the first thing I do is listening to the news? Reading the newspapers? Listening to the neighbour’s talk as I commute to my job? Everything is negative. Wars, earthquakes, deaths everywhere, accidents, tragedies and so forth.

So how can I read some positive books, some positive articles or try to change my attitude to start my day when my first inputs were filled with the worst events that happened in the world while I slept? Continue reading