There is a reason

The afternoon was beautiful, the blue sky showed just a few clouds in the distance and the river Cherwell remained calmed as usual with a few couples punting in the distance.

My friend professor H, is very well known for his discoveries in physics and specially for his theories in quantum mechanics. But that evening, his lesson had nothing to do with the behaviour of particles or other dimensions.

He was more quiet than usual, but today he looked more distant than other times. I didn’t want to interrupt his thoughts and I just limited to walk beside him in silence.

He suddenly stopped and said in a loud voice: “Everything is just about understanding” and continued his promenade. Continue reading



One thing you will often hear, even if you request it or not, is the opinion of the others about what you are doing or not doing right now.

Usually we are programmed to give an answer to a comment, even if it is not required from us.  We feel that if we don’t give an answer, even just an “a-ha” kind of answer, the other person will think we are not paying attention to what they are saying.

And that is not the only problem, but to take heed of the opinion of others and take it personally. Continue reading

Vive la differénce!

I was overhearing some people talking right in front of me on the street and they were saying that everybody should just search for friends with the same hobbies, interests etc.  They were saying that a perfect community is one with harmony and balance.  But although I disagreed with them, since I believe balance consists in variety, they seemed to agree that if all your friends share your hobbies, interests and opinions, you will have more long lasting friendships

I couldn’t find out what there were talking about or what the bases of their comments were, since they were just walking in front of me for a little while, but I kept thinking about that subject for a long while. Continue reading