He usually looked so calmed and relaxed, I wondered sometimes if he ever got angry or nervous about something.

One day I heard he was going through a severe legal problem involving a money issue with his relatives. When I went to visit him he looked as usual, calmed and relaxed, despite the problems he was facing going to courts and having to deal with attorneys all the time.

At first I didn’t dare to ask him how he was feeling, since his attitude was clear enough as to see he was doing quite well. Continue reading

Multiple resources

We have been programmed to think that a problem has only one solution. Like the old school exams where we were supposed to choose one answer among a), b) or c).

So when we have a problem in our hands in our daily life, sometimes we limit our mind to search for one solution, one answer, one resource.

We are unlimited beings and the concept of limitation should not govern our creativity.  Most of the time we abandon our search once we find a possible solution, instead of allowing our minds to open its radar to find several possible options, so if one does not give us the results we expected, we have a plan b, plan c, etc., under the sleeve ready to respond to any surprise. Continue reading