Sometime ago, I had the opportunity to meet in person a very well know scientist-writer.  He always wrote about very polemic subjects but he was convinced of his concepts and was considered an eminence in his time.

For many years he was able to endure the attacks and criticism of his fellow scientists who were more comfortable with the old theories.  He could most times provide good evidence of his own models.

But he started a family and the economic pressures began to emerge. So, he had to start searching for new work opportunities and his life took a 180° turn.

When he was not so “famous” anymore, and he had to abide under the rules of the scientific community (see how I didn´t say under the laws of science) He was politely asked to “rephrase” some of his arguments and personal views in his books, since they “were not in line with the general scientific view”. Continue reading

Reference points

It is very difficult to understand many concepts or even know where you are located right now without a reference point, which is a mark that allows you to compare or locate your position relative to external elements.

Our brain is a super computer that keeps comparing and evaluating everything around us all the time. Besides all the other things the brain has to do to keep us alive. So we actually are not aware of all the impressive processes our brain has to perform 24/7.

But as ironic as it sounds, Life gives us strange ways sometimes for us to compare and set new reference points in and learn our lessons, many times the hard way.

Sometimes you get tired of your own town, city, country, etc. So you decide to travel. Then you see new things, you meet new people with new customs, you try new food and so on. After a while, you begin to compare those new experiences with your home and then you begin to feel nostalgic and begin feeling the wish to go back. Continue reading

The weight

I was watching a group of ants carrying a big piece of bread, probably to their anthill, and I couldn’t stop noticing one of them who was carrying a smaller piece and moved faster than the rest.

What caught my attention was that a part of his piece of bread was lying upon one corner of the bigger piece the others were carrying together. So he was slowing the others down with his piece of bread and the others seemed so unaware of it.

That reminded me of once I was pulling a sleigh loaded with small barrels, I was trying to pull it as hard as I could, but for some strange reason, it was getting harder and harder to pull, until I wasn´t able to move it anymore, I thought I was getting tired of pulling but on a second look I noticed some barrels that were not mine on the sleigh. Continue reading

You are still alive

He was a very active person, one of the most enthusiast men you can imagine. He was a prominent member of his community and General Director of his company. It was very difficult to locate him since he always was doing something somewhere, you know what I mean.

I always thought he would travel the world when he retired. He was so energetic I knew he would enjoy his live to the fullest after his retirement.

He didn’t.

He died exactly three months after retiring. Continue reading


One of my friends is very small, or like she likes to say. “petite”. Her legs are short and she doesn’t walk very fast. So she was not used to walk long distances.

I am just the opposite, I have got long legs and walk extremely fast.

She looks everything from her perspective, obviously, so when I told her about my long walks, she couldn’t believe me, to her those distances are extreme. To me are normal. Continue reading

I won’t fail this time either.

“Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes, I have taken very bad decisions and I am still trying to figure out how to set things right in many aspects of my life, but I don’t think I have failed. I did everything I could in the way I thought it was right, I tried my best to do the things in the only way I knew and yes, I know, I have harmed people I love at times, I have even harmed people I don’t know directly but all I can say is that I didn’t do anything on purpose. I never meant to do anything wrong to anyone in anyway.” I told my friend while we walked in the park. Continue reading

Your world is collapsing

So you are having problems with your spouse, you are getting evicted from your home, your dog died and you have been diagnosed with a very strange illness?

Ok welcome to life! We are all going through difficult times right now, some worse than others, but we all have something challenging going on in our lives. Continue reading


Travelling means different things for every person. I remember I got very excited when I was a child as holydays approached. I knew we were going to travel somewhere.

Some holidays, we went to visit family and after a while that became a little boring because every occasion we were doing the same things with the same people and going to the same places.  Fortunately my mother decided we needed to see new places and began taking guided tours to different places everywhere. Continue reading

This Now

Whatever you are experiencing right now is a unique moment in this local reality. There are too many elements that make this moment totally unique and besides those “invisible elements”, those elements we have no access to and/or we cannot really understand. I am sure you can find a lot of “evident” elements that makes your here and now a unique coordinate in this space-time universe. Continue reading

The pain

The boy was around 6 years old, he was thin but looked very strong and enthusiast.  His classmates were older than him. This was one of the most famous dojos in Japan leaded by one of the most respected masters in the world. Matsutatsu (Mass) Oyama.

The students very respectfully waited for the Sensei’s (teacher) orders. He told the little boy to stand in the centre of the dojo and put his hand behind his back, then with a slight gesture commended to rest of the class to stand up in a line, each student stood in front of the little boy and began punching his abdomen with five fast fist blows. The little boy was stoically resisting but after receiving the punches of the fifth student, the little boy collapsed crying on the floor. Continue reading