Go out and help

I had no idea how to repair a scratch on the paint of a metallic surface and I was going mad trying to find some video online that showed me how to do it.

I tried some suggestions but they were not what I needed. There are not many answers online for my particular problem.

So, I was about to quit and accept to live with that scratch when, while walking in a busy street, I saw an old man creating real masterpieces on metallic plates with his fingers and a few other handmade tools.

I stood there for a few minutes contemplating in awe the ability of that man and the wonderful paintings he was creating in a few minutes, right before an admired crowd.

After a while, he began to pick up his belongings and his unsold paintings, so I decided to approach him and ask for his advice on how to solve my problem. Continue reading

Go and find out

He was a very well known actor, films and soap operas were his main activity, but as happens to every actor one day the phone stopped ringing. For a few years he was able to survive with the money he had made with his career, so he had no financial worries for a while, but when things began to look difficult he got worried and began looking for new adventures.

We talked about his other artistic talents and I asked him about some paintings and sculptures he showed me many years ago, he used to love painting and carving sculptures and he was very good at it. Continue reading

Painting your life.

We spend most of our time complaining of how the world is right now.

We tend to put “tags” on everything and everyone around us. This is a “bad” situation. He is always “angry”, I am so “unlucky”, that place is “dangerous” etc.

The other day I was looking at a painter working on a lovely painting. He was in front of a group of trees and plants, when I tried to look upon his shoulder to see his work, his teacher approached him and ask him why he was painting the foliage greener than it really was, and the painter just answered: -Yes, I can see that but I want a greener world in my painting. Continue reading