Let them come

I am not a very sociable person, that is, I don’t really enjoy being in big crowds, or being surrounded by too many people so I usually avoid certain events and parties.

Most times when I am at a party instead of trying to find the good aspects of being here and enjoy the moment, my mind keeps telling me I should be working something more productive and meaningful. Continue reading

Allow yourself to experience joy

You might be thinking that this is a misspelled sentence, but no, actually there are many people who don’t allow themselves to experience joy and happiness in many ways. And no they are not masochists, at least most of them are not.

I am not the party type, I am even not very social, funny thing to say about someone who spends time lecturing and teaching courses but it´s true.

I can be very comfortable lecturing in a room with 3500 people but when I am in a reunion with more than 20 people I usually prefer to leave early.

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