When we open a book or a movie begins, we take the first lines or scene as the “beginning” of that story.

Even if in the book or movie there might be some references to other stories or events way before the beginning or the actual story, (actually where we were introduced to it) we always take that first scene or line as “the beginning”. Continue reading

Are you the same? (The boy)

Taking a walk in a park where my mother used to take me as a child, I was trying to see what had changed since, but my brain couldn’t do the right neuronal connections and the images were a little blurry. Well of course, that was a long time ago.

While I was trying to recall those times, suddenly I saw a little blond boy in a green tricycle who stopped about 10 yards from me. He looked almost as surprised to see me as I to see him.  He looked exactly as a photograph of me when I was his age.  I have seen that photograph many times in my mother’s album. Continue reading


When we see the end of a year, a cycle, a relationship, a school term, etc., we tend to react with sadness or joy, depending on how we judged that period of time.

But what is new inside your heart and mind after the good and the bad within that old cycle?  All those “negative” things that appeared during that time has brought you what new lessons? How are you going to react next time to similar events? Do you feel stronger now? Can you see those times of frustration and anger as growing experiences? How will you use those experiences in the future? Continue reading

Looking at the future

When we look at the night sky we are actually seeing the past, not the actual present. All those starts and planets are very far away and even light has to travel through the space to reach us.  So the lights we observe at night are just old messengers that left their destiny a long time ago and now all we are watching is the arrival of that “message” to our home planet.

So maybe some of those stars no longer exist, and what we see is a ghost light letting us know that once upon a time, a sun like ours was positioned in the direction we are looking at right now. Continue reading

And he was right in front of me (reflexion)

I was complaining on the mobile about some silly things that I was considering a big deal at the moment when I noticed a homeless man walking towards me, his dirty old clothes and the bags he was carrying on his back was a sad image to see, but when he was a couple metres from me I couldn’t help staring at him for his face looked so familiar.

As soon as he looked at me I immediately look the other way, since I had recognised him and I didn’t want him to notice it. Continue reading

I am looking at my past

I felt released when I realised that what I was looking at was not really a permanent condition. This awful event was just the result of yesterday’s fears.

So therefore I all I had to do next was to be very conscious of the thoughts, actions and states of mind I should have to counterattack this result I didn’t like at all.

That helped me to understand that instead of falling immediately in despair for something I didn’t like to see manifested into my actual situation, I should try to find the “root” of the problem inside of my head.  -What was I thinking before this event happened?, -How was I feeling about this situation that attracted this result?, -What was the mind-set that provoked that things arranged themselves this way? Continue reading

The past

“We study history to avoid repeating the errors of the past”, said my old history teacher.

That is a sound advice since understanding the process of learning is a very important aspect of our education.

Nevertheless, when it comes to our particular case, we need to be very careful how we apply it in our life.

We learn from our old errors. If we are in front of a negative experience similar to an event in our past, we react in a defensive way in order to avoid the same negative results. Our mind generates fear as that defence mechanism. Continue reading