A good friend of mine was born with a strange condition that affected his body. He was very tall and his head and hands were bigger in proportion to the rest of his body.

He had suffered very much during his childhood because the other children mocked him and called him names that hurt his soul deeply.

He had to get used to the way people stared at him on the street and to the impertinent questions of those with no manners whatsoever, who never touched their hearts before making harsh remarks about his looks.

Anyway, he has got a wonderful personality.  He is very kind and compassionate with every living being.  He pursued a career in acting and due to his image, he got important roles in international movies. Continue reading

What should I change?

A recurrent question I receive from my students and people in general is: what should change in me to start receiving what I need in my life?

That is a very difficult and simple question at the same time.

We are all at different levels of self-evolution, so our needs are very different; therefore there is not a single formula to follow.  This is part of our own journey and something we have to discover by ourselves. Continue reading