It is not personal

I was observing an elderly man in the underground station who seem to be very upset, walking from one side to the other and talking to himself all the time.

A group of students were playing, shouting, and pushing one another near this man. Suddenly one of the students tripped and fell right in front of that man, making him fall, the old man obviously got really mad, yelling and accusing the young guy of attacking him. But the student instead of apologising and helping the old man to get on his feet again, he began answering back to him calling him blind and useless.

The elderly man of course, got even more furious and stood up trying to punch the student, most people saw the scene from this point since all the shouting had attracted their attention until that moment, but they didn’t see the beginning of the incident.

So when they saw a grown up man trying to hit a young lad, they began attacking him and this incident turned into a whole mess. Continue reading


I was trying to keep my balance by walking on a small line drawn on the pavement on my way back home.  I was visualising the way we sometimes try to keep the “balance” in our lives.

Have you seen how the most we try to “force” a new habit, the harder it is?

Food, exercise, positive thinking, new ideas, diets,etc.

The harder I tried to walk on the line without losing my balance, the harder it was to keep it. I easily lost it and I had to make an effort to get back “on the line”. Continue reading

Your words have power

How do you know how far your words or examples will reach? You don’t.

I was listening to a friend who was very impressed for a talk he overheard on the underground. He forgot to take his book with him and he had nothing to do while he reached his destination.  So he couldn’t help to listen to his neighbours talk.

He said that he felt as if he was meant to listen to that talk since it was something he needed to hear at that moment.  He was very happy and grateful for having the opportunity to listen to that man’s words. But that man never knew his words had such an impact in someone who was listening to his talk and didn’t even know him. Continue reading

¿And how do I get out of the hole, if I am so stuck?


 Look, the worst thing you can say to a person who is going through a difficult situation is: -Don’t worry, just keep going! Be happy everything will be alright.

I am not saying encouragement is a bad thing but, there are ways to say things.

When you stumble and fall in a public place, besides the pain and the scare, you might feel a little embarrassed and the next worst thing that might happen to you is someone approaching you and asking: -Oh my! Did you fall? Continue reading