Your balance

There is nothing more annoying when sitting at a table to eat or drink something than, finding a “dancing table”. When the table is not well balanced and you have to ask the waiter or even yourself to put something under a leg in order to level the table so you don’t have to keep “pulling” your side of the table up to keep your soup from spilling all the time.

Well I don’t know if you have experienced that, but I have lived that many times in all kind of restaurants, expensive and cheap ones. And believe me struggling with chairs and tables is not really a great way to begin a meal.

But everything in this universe needs balance to subsist and prosper. Continue reading


Your Word

I was talking with an older men while we waited for a store to open one morning.

He was complaining about the way people act nowadays. “You cannot trust anybody any more”, he said.

“When I was young, I could go to a store and give my word I would cover the total price of something in monthly payments and all they needed from me was my word. Continue reading

Ok, be a pessimist

A friend of mine told me he was sick and tired of listening to people telling him to be an optimist all the time.

He hated to see young and old people smiling like idiots everywhere expecting for things to get better, since they rarely improved.

He called pessimists: “Optimists with information”. And his arguments make sense in many areas. Continue reading

Open to miracles

As things change in our daily life our brain registers everything around us.  We think we are aware of everything happening in our environment, but it is really impressive to analyse all the details our conscious mind misses in the process.

It is the subconscious mind the one that registers everything and stores it in our inner archives.

The same happens with the events that occur in our lives.  They arrive and we immediately place them a tag,  a positive one or a negative one, but the thing is that in  either case we don’t see the whole picture. Continue reading


When we know someone is in trouble and we think about how could we help that person, many times we think we are unable to give real help.

Many times people need more that we can see on the surface.  We don’t know how much a smile, a good word, a greeting, a wink, a tap on the back can help other people.

Sometimes to know we have people who are there just to listen to us is enough to change our day, our attitude towards what is happening to us.

The solution to many problems, might be hidden behind a smile.  Continue reading