Procrastinating your well-being

“And when I have a new house, then I will be happy” this woman said to her companion in a loud voice as if she wanted the whole world to find out.

“Then I shall know that everything I have done was worth it, all the pain, all the hard work, my suffering.”  The lady who was sitting beside her looked at her in silence.

“Then I’ll be able to smile again and know everything will be alright. “she concluded in a triumphant tone.

The lady who was travelling with her asked her after a few seconds: “how long have you waited for that to happen?”

“Thirty years” the first lady answered. Continue reading



One of the best things of making up your mind to clean that spot in your home you have been neglecting for a long time is, that you might find many things that were lost and you never imagined you would find again and specially, in that place!

Once you decide to start taking things out that abandoned box, closet, cupboard, etc. You are surprised by all the things that were hidden there, the more you “explore” inside the more you will find and then, you begin to wish you had done this cleaning before.

After all the “useful” things you found, you cannot understand how you could procrastinate this cleansing for such a long time! Continue reading

The wall

We have all met a dead end in our paths. We are suddenly walking freely with no obstacles on our way when after the first turn we find a dead end, a big wall right in front of us that makes us stop in an abrupt manner.

Then we need to decide what to do next. Stay there looking at the wall trying to figure out some way to climb it, go through it, under it or whatever other option we might find. Or we can just turn around and search for a new path to continue our journey. Continue reading

Jumping back

I felt like I had been sleeping for a hundred years, my body was still tired and my mind still in the clouds, after three days in bed with a bad cold the world seemed to run in slow motion in front of my eyes.

I was glad for having been “forced” to slow down and take an involuntary rest, because sometimes life accelerates and I keep procrastinating my procrastination and I want to do everything at the same time, nevertheless Mother Nature is very wise and in her own way she reminds me I need to stop from time to time, and she knows this is the only way I listen to her wisdom sometimes. Continue reading


I was listening to a friend who kept repeating that he would be happy if he could buy a new mobile phone, then his wife said that she would be happy when she could sell her car and buy a new one, then another person said all those things were silly, that he would be happy as soon as he regained his health again and other people made similar comments.

When they asked me when will I be happy? I just told them: I am very happy right now.  That does not mean that I have everything I wish right now, it doesn’t mean that I have no goals or dreams to fulfil either. It just means I just decided to be happy now and to follow my dreams and achieve my goals while I am happy all along. Continue reading

You are about to die

What would you do if your doctor or a psychic would tell you: You are going to die tomorrow?

Usually we waste our time a lot because we believe we will find the time to do things later. We believe things will remain the same for ever and so, we can procrastinate and everything will continue to be the same tomorrow. Continue reading