“I never thought this could happen to me”

For some reason, I always had a negative neuronal connection linked to that expression. And when I heard a person saying it, but referring to a positive event, my mind entered in shock.

My inner logic could not understand that it could be used to describe a positive situation.

I have a dim child memory of people using it constantly to describe tragic events in their life. I cannot remember someone in particular or the situations, but I believe it was then, when I made that neuronal link with a negative connotation.

When I heard those words used in an opposite context, my mind had to rethink the meaning of the phrase and then made an adjustment in my brain to place it in a new “storage position” so I could accept the real meaning. Continue reading


Your best friend

I know we all talk “bad” about ourselves from time to time: “I am so stupid!”, “how silly of me…”,” Man! I am so clumsy.” And so on.

Sometimes without even realising we keep “insulting” ourselves the whole day. And although our conscious mind wouldn´t pay much attention on it, our subconscious mind does.

Thus creating our “hidden” programming.

A friend of mine (who once was my math teacher as well) was an excellent tennis player.  He trained after his classes 5 or 6 hours every day.

But out of a “fake modesty” he began to underestimate his own abilities when talking to other people. He told me he felt bad talking in a good way about his game. He didn’t want to sound boastful or arrogant. So he began to talk “bad” about his skills. Continue reading

The good fear

An urgent message might come in different shapes and forms. Probably sometimes they need to arrive under the disguise of a “strong” emotion in order to force us to give it the required attention and response.

So we can call that a “good fear”. Not because I am saying that fear is good. It is like Karma, it isn’t good or bad, it just is.

But as I have mentioned before, fear has its purpose and reason to exist. So although we are in a quest to “vanish” fear in our modern society. We need to change our goal here. We CANNOT vanish fear from our hearts, it comes with our inner programming and it helps us to keep us safe from danger. Continue reading


She was really struggling to climb up the stairs at an underground station. I could notice she said something with ever step she climbed. She was around 60 years old, so she was not so old as to have such difficulty to move, so I thought she could use some help. I approached her offering my arm so she could use it as a support.

She just smiled and grabbed my arm at the same time she kept repeating: “I am so weak now”. I kept my silence while she slowly climbed each step of those long stairs, and every step she repeated the same words: “I am so weak now”. Continue reading

You are such a fool!

I know you are not a fool, but do you?

If suddenly you drop something by accident and I tell you: Gosh, you are such a fool! The logical reaction is you get mad at me and answer something like: – You are the fool! Or something like that.

Ok I understand that, nobody has the right to call anybody else such names, those are negative “tags”. I would understand you getting mad at me for calling you that.

But after sometime you might even forget I called you like that, because you know you are not a fool, right? Continue reading

Create a new subconscious

We have talked many times about how our subconscious mind creates our “external reality”. And I am sure you have found some good examples of it in your own life.

But I have been asked many times about the problem of changing our subconscious, and although it might sound as an impossible task to do, it is indeed possible to achieve.

Your subconscious is programmable.  Although most people think of it as a computer ROM (Read Only Memory) chip that is a part of a computer memory that cannot be written, for it contains instructions necessary for the internal system to work properly.  And many times we have been taught that our subconscious mind is a ROM chip, when actually it is more like a RAM (Random Access Memory) chip. Continue reading


Do you really want to know everything?

Have you ever wonder what it would be to listen to the thoughts of everyone around you?

Sounds interesting but I think you would faint after only 1 minute or so.  To be “aware” of everything around you at the same time is just Too Much information for our brain to process.  It would be a hard blow for our head and we would collapse in a few minutes.

But luckily our brain already knows that and it just “separates” the info we receive and let us “acknowledge” just a few bits of the whole “everything” that surrounds us all the time. Continue reading