And it was never the same…

After many years of absence, I was finally able to return to the capital of the USA.  A very dear place to me since I lived and studied there for some years.

A very impressive place with its white buildings and monuments, I was so excited to go and see how things were there now.  And yes, that was a big thing in my mind because, how would that place look to my eyes now?

Would the same people be still around? Would I find my friends and classmates living their lives as usual? What would be different nowadays? Would I like the changes? Continue reading

I have failed

Yes, I admit that I have failed in the past, I am failing now and I certainly will fail again in the future. I have never said I am a flawless being and I´ll never pretend to be one.

Actually I am glad I have failed many times for I am now a more experienced person and I prefer to admit my failures and remember the lessons learned than boast only my achievements.

I know many people want me to live in guilt for my mistakes, but I won’t do that either, I have forgiven myself and I am terribly sorry for hurting the people I have affected in the past and I might be affecting in the present, but the only way I am going to get over this situation is to start everyday anew. Continue reading

The vow


When a monk “graduates” in a monastery he or she has to take different vows depending on the religion and the monastery they belong to.

When some politicians enter an office and when medicine students graduate, they have to take vows promising they are going to do their best in their careers etc. Not many honour their word but taking the vow is a requirement.

A vow is a solemn promise. It is a commitment to a certain role or course of action. We are giving our word to follow certain rules and do our best to honour that promise. Continue reading