I was so happy and surprised to see him. He had changed so much after all these years. He looks now in a better shape, healthier and much happier.

The truth is that I couldn’t have recognised him, but he recognised me and I was so happy that he did.

Few years ago, in that street, I used to see a homeless man who asked me for some coins “to have breakfast”. He said his name was Johnny and usually I gave him some change I had left, other times I shared some of the food I had with me. Continue reading


We are taught to trust our senses to recognise our reality. We believe in what we can “touch”, “Seeing is believing” and so forth.

It is logical to take as “real” those things that our five senses can perceive. Our senses were designed for that purpose, right?

Well as a child I loved to play those games in magazines and books where drawings could hide different shapes and only focusing your mind in certain areas of the illustration you could find more “hidden” shapes.  Continue reading

Square one

Most people of a certain age I know like to see their life backwards. That is, they like to see all the things they have accomplished during their lives. How things were tough once and they were able to overcome the obstacles and fight to get what they wanted.  But 95% of them when I ask them if they would go through all of that from square one, they answer: NO!

So most of them have lived a life full of difficulties and have learnt to overcome them and they are now in a privileged place because they passed their tests. Nevertheless they don’t like the idea of starting all over again.

They feel they have reached the goal and now they can just rest and live looking at the past for the rest of their lives. Continue reading


I was feeling calmed and relaxed as usual when suddenly I found a friend whose favourite hobby is watching the news channel.  In just five minutes into the conversation he had given me the main headlines of the day and they were all appalling, bad news about tragedies, accidents, frauds, assassinations and so on.

I was amazed of the amount of terrible incidents in just one night, and how my friend was able to update me with the last news in just a few minutes. When he finished his “report” I asked him the practical application of that knowledge.  I swear I didn’t ask that in with a bad intention. I was just surprised with his “eagerness” to learn every detail of every note, I haven’t met anyone with a better memory for details than him. Not even in my years into the radio and TV business. Continue reading

The mirror

We have discussed many times about the importance of making the changes inside of us first, before we even begin to criticise what we are experiencing or observing in the outside world.

If you want to see how you look before going out to the street, you will have to stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself in it so you can see what the other people will see in you when you go out. Continue reading


After having a wonderful time manifesting many wonderful things in my life, material things, events, people and so on an so forth, I thought my life was perfect and that nothing would change that but, I took for granted a very  common detail: FEAR.

As a radio host I have access to the news before they reach the people on the media, and in many cases I have seen the way the media have magnified a note to make it look more impressive, more appealing to people who like to read about how bad things are, and how awful things happen to other people but not to them of course!.

It is difficult to realise how the things we watch on the TV or listen in the radio affect our subconscious minds,  that is why it is so important to choose carefully the information we allow to get into our homes. Continue reading