Your Light

There are days when you just cannot find the Light in your life and everything looks so dark and sinister.

With all the bad news inundating the Internet and the public media, those tragic stories from family and friends who are always so eager to share them with us, even before asking how we are doing.  The strangers in the street who love to tell you their lives and recent tragedies to see if they can find a friendly ear, that allows them to discharge their bad energy accumulated in their soul for so long. All that added to your own personal emotional baggage!

There are days, when you have to decide creating your own Light in the middle of a lot of induced darkness. Continue reading


Take a rest, this is your time

There are days when you cannot look only the good side of everything, when you don’t have the strength to carry on, when you feel your work has been in vain and you just want to hide away and quit.

That is normal and please don’t feel bad about it. Even Mother Nature has to take a rest from time to time. And besides it is a little like advertisements on the TV. When I was a child I use to hate them for interrupting my favourite cartoons, but then I learnt to make useful things like going to the toilet, prepare a cup of tea or a nice sandwich. So after all they were not that bad. Continue reading