The best I ever had

Why is it that when somebody dies he or she becomes the best person on the planet?

Why after a love is gone, we realise after a while, that he/she was the “love of our life”?

Why do we have to face loss, in order to find the good aspects of people, places and things?

And you can apply that to practically everything with the exception of abusive people and bad situations. But even in those cases I have seen people who, when an abusive person who made their life a real hell, dies. They begin to find the “good” in them.  Sometimes an excess of dependency? An addiction to old beliefs? Whatever… Continue reading

There is no time in life to waste

I am not saying you need to get worried about time and hurry to do everything right now before something happens to you. That will stress you more than help you in anyway.

What I mean here is stop thinking that you can leave things for a better time, for another moment, for tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

I have been losing many friends lately. Yes I am guilty for having friends who are older than me. But you know what? Older people have an unbelievable baggage of experiences, accumulated knowledge and life lessons to share with anyone who is willing to listen to them and believe me, they are willing to share their stories with you. Continue reading

Shake it off

There is nothing more difficult than trying to talk with someone who is angry. You ask them to listen to what you have to say, but their anger do not let them listen, really listen, they actually are not really interested in what you have to say, all they want to do is to take that awful feeling out of their system.

Even if they let you speak for a few seconds, they will immediately start talking back to you, they won’t listen to your reasons because they won’t keep that anger inside and need to get it out of them. Even if you are right they cannot see it. Continue reading

Just breath

Action is what creates our reality in this universe.  We need start “doing” in order to create, exist and advance. Passiveness is one of the most dangerous things in the path to our enlightenment.  Nevertheless, remember that we live in a balanced reality and we cannot keep always on the same side of the balance, we need to keep moving from one side to the other without falling into either extreme. That is the dance with the Universe. Continue reading


Today is the day you have been waiting for, the day you said you were going to be happy, the day when miracles would appear in your life, the day when your life would change for the best and you would left all sorrow behind.

In the past, you referred to this day as the day when you would decide to be happy and nothing would stop your dreams from becoming your reality.

Finally the day has come. Today is your day. Will you seize it and take advantage of it? Or will you just find another pretext to postpone your happiness? Continue reading


As we have been talking lately about finding your real reason to do things in your life, many other aspects appear in our way.

We look back at our past history and probably we will find moments, events and people who cause us to feel some degree of regret, we would like to go back and do things differently.

We all have experienced something like that in our life and sometimes we even wonder how our life would had been if we had done things differently. Continue reading

I have failed

Yes, I admit that I have failed in the past, I am failing now and I certainly will fail again in the future. I have never said I am a flawless being and I´ll never pretend to be one.

Actually I am glad I have failed many times for I am now a more experienced person and I prefer to admit my failures and remember the lessons learned than boast only my achievements.

I know many people want me to live in guilt for my mistakes, but I won’t do that either, I have forgiven myself and I am terribly sorry for hurting the people I have affected in the past and I might be affecting in the present, but the only way I am going to get over this situation is to start everyday anew. Continue reading