I have heard lately many people talking about forgiving others. I have been questioned many times about how I could forgive betrayal and lies so easily.

The truth is, I forgive myself first.  I am conscious that I have allowed those people to hurt me in the first place. I have gave them the power to do so. I have released my power and then, the harm is done.

So I always begin by forgiving myself.

The rest is much easier. Continue reading


Their pain

When I listened to this man shouting at me unintelligible things, I was surprised. I didn’t do anything to provoke him, he just suddenly exploded with anger but the reason for that anger wasn’t me, he was just trying to find someone to pour that load of resentment on.

I didn’t even have the chance to ask him why he was so upset, he just kept walking mumbling something about an unpaid cheque, and instead of taking his aggression, I just felt sorry for him and even understood his frustration, since I had been there as well. Continue reading

The biggest obstacle

When you need to define what is the main thing you need to eradicate, in order to accelerate results in your life, the first thing that appear in most people’s list is: Envy.

Envy is one of the worst unnecessary feelings there is. It loads our soul with resentment and causes too many negative effects in our physical and mental bodies.

It makes us sometimes question our worth as a human being and fills our heart with desperation and frustration for not having the possessions, abilities or “luck” of someone else. Continue reading