Do not cheat anymore

After listening to some friends talking about their bitter experiences in the relationship world, followed by a thousand complains about their significant other’s behaviour. I remained silent.

Men say women nowadays cheat the most and so say women about men, but if you analyse this, there is a deeper concern that is usually overlooked in these cases.

They say that if you do not love yourself, then you cannot love anybody else. So in the same note, if you cheat on yourself, therefore you are more likely to cheat on anybody else.

My friends (females and males) complain about the lack of interest showed by their partners. But on the other side, none of them is showing any interest on themselves either.  Continue reading

You made the damage

He was complaining about the way the river had caused the flood and damaged the harvests, how that “damn river” had made disappear his work of many years and “now with this damn legs I cannot move the way I need to go and buy my groceries”. And he kept cursing about many other things like the government, the global warming among other things.

While I drank my tea, I could listen his companions complaining as well about many different situations and aspects that were affecting them and all of us too. Continue reading

Did I attract that?

I was talking with my mother about the circumstances and people who arrive to our lives every day.  She was talking about how “guilty” we are to attract bad people or events sometimes and I was talking about our limited responsibility on those events.

Yes we attract people, circumstances and situations since what we observe outside is a reflex of what we have got inside of us.

And yes those people and events are here to teach us something. Continue reading