Do nothing

We are living very hectic times, everything must be quick and short. We like to see a movie instead of reading the book, we strive to find shortcuts, instead of taking the time to learn and practice to do things properly. We prefer to pay to get our clothes washed and ironed instead of taking the time to do it ourselves.

We are living our lives on the fast lane.

As a civilization, we are getting lazy on many things.

But on the other hand, we are getting obsessed with exercising. We are beginning to face serious health problems due to an excess of exercise training in ways our body was not design to do. But, fashion is fashion and you need to follow it, in order to feel you are “fitting in”, right?

Otherwise, what would our acquaintances say…? Continue reading


The best I can do

I still have problems defining when I have to stop trying to do things. On one side my mind tells me to “make things happen” and the other side says “do not force things and go with the flow”.  And that is like trying to drive with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake at the same time.

I know, sometimes life asks you to go beyond your normal efforts in order to achieve more meaningful things and sometimes you need to allow things to freely flow because with your pressure you are only slowing things down.

But how do you know when acting one way and when acting the other? Continue reading

It’s ok (Note to self)

It’s OK to wake up one morning feeling drained, without your usual joy of life on and to decide in that very moment to take the day off. Just to gather enough strength to carry on with your journey.

It is valid to decide today not to feel gratitude for the good things you have got and, to let your heart feel that nostalgia for the days and people who are no longer here with you.

It is acceptable to decide to let anger and sadness to fill your heart and soul for a while because those feelings are a part of your human nature and have a reason to exist in you. Continue reading

Square one

Most people of a certain age I know like to see their life backwards. That is, they like to see all the things they have accomplished during their lives. How things were tough once and they were able to overcome the obstacles and fight to get what they wanted.  But 95% of them when I ask them if they would go through all of that from square one, they answer: NO!

So most of them have lived a life full of difficulties and have learnt to overcome them and they are now in a privileged place because they passed their tests. Nevertheless they don’t like the idea of starting all over again.

They feel they have reached the goal and now they can just rest and live looking at the past for the rest of their lives. Continue reading


I was listening to the conversation of two boys who walked right in front of me. They were talking about how horrible getting up early is and how they hated having to walk to school every morning.

They were complaining how hard to leave their bed was and then walk for a long while in a cold morning. Continue reading

Say yes

When the “down” cycle suddenly appears and things look a little gloomy it’s the time to change our modus operandi.

Life is a continuous cycle and as you know sometimes we are on the “crest, or up side” and then we go down to the “valley or low side”.  As cycles are a part of Nature we cannot “escape” form them, we cannot break or alter their flow. Continue reading

Don’t be a martyr

I was amazed to see a group of people carrying buckets filled with water from a well in the base of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain. Every bucket weighted more or less like 30 kilograms and they all had to make several trips to carry the water to their houses, since in that rural community there was not a water system to have current water in every house.

I was surprised with the ability of that people to carry the buckets without spilling the water, despite the unevenness of the road they had to transit. Continue reading

Just for Today, forget about it.

Nowadays, our life is always in a fast pace.  Rushing, rushing and rushing all the time. And the rare occasions when we are free for a few instants, instead of use it to rest for a while, we start feeling guilty and immediately begin to search for something to do.

It is until our body is really too tired and asking us anyway it can to stop and give it an opportunity to do its recovery job.  Then we finally take a rest and allow our organism to recover and regain its strength. Continue reading

Take a rest, this is your time

There are days when you cannot look only the good side of everything, when you don’t have the strength to carry on, when you feel your work has been in vain and you just want to hide away and quit.

That is normal and please don’t feel bad about it. Even Mother Nature has to take a rest from time to time. And besides it is a little like advertisements on the TV. When I was a child I use to hate them for interrupting my favourite cartoons, but then I learnt to make useful things like going to the toilet, prepare a cup of tea or a nice sandwich. So after all they were not that bad. Continue reading