Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy

Lately while I am walking on the street I like listening to a couple of sentences from other people’s conversations, not for gossiping reasons, but because if you put together every sentence| you catch “by passing” you create very funny “dialogues”, I guess I could write a novel with all the sentences I have gathered lately!

But once the fun was over and I began to remember a little more of the conversations I overheard on my commuting, I was shocked to discover that most of the conversations refer to those things that people kept focusing on, and these were mostly things that make them unhappy. Continue reading

The root

I was watching how a tree was being transplanted to another location.  After taking the tree to its new home the gardener returned to keep digging to search for roots.  If he didn’t get rid of the roots the new plants wouldn’t be able to grow freely for the roots would take the nutrients from the soil and make life difficult for the new born plants.

That´s exactly what happens with our old beliefs and ideas. We keep them in our heads for so long that they create deep roots into our subconscious mind and when we try to replace them, the roots keep holding on to the ground making its removal something really difficult.

Sometimes we believe we have removed an old idea or concept but the little roots that remained in our subconscious mind keep making impossible for the new ones to grow and become stronger. Continue reading