Everybody is telling you that you need to control what you think because it is what you attract.  That brings upon us a big burden since we stress ourselves by making a big effort to avoid bad thoughts and feelings.

As human beings, we can experience all kinds of feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

We cannot limit our mind and soul to filter all the time our bad thoughts and feelings. That would not be beneficial, and in the end, it would bring us major health problems.

We do not need to completely avoid newspapers, TV news and the general gossiping around us.

The big difference comes when we do not allow those events to change our self-confidence. Continue reading



They told me this was a small event, just a few people who were interested in that old movement called “The New Thought”.  It would be a simple talk exposing some of my ideas and theories on quantum mechanics and the process of thought in the brain. Nothing too elaborated.

I felt very confident since a talk with a small group is something you can easily turn into a “chat among friends.” Nothing very complex to do.

As soon as I saw the back of the building where this reunion was taking place something strange began lurking in the back of my mind. This looked more like the backstage of an old theatre, but well, how could I know the way things were handled here, it was a very different country on the other side of the planet and customs were very different, so I didn´t ask anything to my hosts. Continue reading

This Now

Whatever you are experiencing right now is a unique moment in this local reality. There are too many elements that make this moment totally unique and besides those “invisible elements”, those elements we have no access to and/or we cannot really understand. I am sure you can find a lot of “evident” elements that makes your here and now a unique coordinate in this space-time universe. Continue reading

Your success

One of the things I have learnt in my life is, to feel Happy for the success of others as for my own success.  I must admit that vanquish envy was not an easy task, but after all it is possible.

Let me explain, when I saw someone doing or achieving something I couldn’t do I automatically used to feel envy or frustration.   Continue reading

Sell yourself

Last time we were taking about how being more creative. But some of you were asking about having more energy to do your job.  When most people just hate their jobs, they hate their bosses, their workmates and they just hate their life in general.

So how could I try to think constructively when I cannot even find the strength to get out of the bed every morning?

Well, the answer is not that complicated, I didn’t say it is easy, it just takes some effort from your part but it is totally worth it.

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