Blind spots

I have seen so many different techniques to avoid “blind spots” in cars that I think they could gather all the information and write a whole Encyclopaedia on the subject.

A blind spot is defined as an area around a vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver while operating it.  Those blind spots are the cause of many appalling accidents every year around the world. Continue reading

The three gates

I have mentioned before examples of one of my favourite book, “the never ending story” by Michael Ende. I was thinking this morning about one part I really love of that book: the three gates.

In the movie there are only two gates but in the book there are three. The thing is that in order to get to the third gate, you need to cross the other two, you cannot walk around the other gates.

You can learn a lot by reading and watching both versions and get your own interpretation Continue reading

Real change

The only way you are going to really start making changes in your life is analysing the way you look at your persona.

Really, how do you see your life? Do you really believe you are going to make a change in your thoughts and be a new person?

Do you see your life as a chain of good luck? Do you see your life as a chain of Bad luck events? Can you see yourself clearly inside your mind as a brand new person? Can you see clearly in your mind the new you? Continue reading

The mirror


-If only I could relax and let go of all my worries!

He was standing in front of a mirror trying to stand up straight and get rid of his failure image.

He had just read that if he stood in front of a mirror and start searching for something good in his body, he could change his self-image, then he would start to love himself and then that love would be radiated from his mind and the world would change the way they look at him. Continue reading