You must


The other day I was commenting that knowledge is a precious gift.  Not everyone is entitled to receive the same knowledge that you now have.  And you know what? That is OK.

We all have different life experiences, different paths and we all receive different gifts when we are born and different gifts during our life time.

So, you can consider yourself very lucky, a chosen one. No one else possess your skills, feelings, thoughts and wisdom.

Have you ever tried to make a list of all the things you have learnt so far? No? you should, you would be surprised to see an extensive set of things you have been learning since your day one in this Earth. Continue reading

Your silence


Nowadays, empty words are such a trend. Everybody has to say something all the time.

Even when they do not know what to say or they have no idea of what they are talking about.

If someone else is talking about something that happened to them the day before, people usually have an anecdote “more interesting”, “more frightening”, “more fabulous” to add.

If someone has some kind of illness or is going through a difficult time, there will always be that person who is going through something much more terrible than the others. As if demeaning other´s people problems and dilemmas was some kind of contest. Continue reading


They say we learnt to draw attention to ourselves when we were babies by crying, the louder we cried, the faster we received the attention.

This behaviour continues until our adulthood and as it still works for us sometimes, so we tend to sharpen our skills and become drama masters very soon.

Some people master the art of causing pity to others so they can get what they want.  Some learn how to blame others so they can be seen as victims of external factors/people and, I must admit some of them are real good at it. Continue reading


Most people I know hate waiting for anything.  Waiting is something so important that is amazing we all lack that skill, gift, knowledge or whatever you want to call it.

We are losing many values nowadays, but one I really am very fond of is punctuality. I consider than wasting other people’s time is one of the worst offences we can do to them. We have no idea what they had to go through in order to give us some of their time and, if we show up late or if we show no respect for their time, we have no respect for ourselves either.

Respecting time, ours and other people’s is a virtue. Continue reading


You don’t need to push other people to keep your own pace.  Every person has his/her own timing and we cannot judge others just because they are doing things differently than ourselves.

We tend to judge everything from our own standards that is natural. But expecting that the whole world will be as “good” as we are, or that they will react, think and feel the same way as we do, is one of the main causes for our inner conflicts. Continue reading

I know, you are a master

I have heard many times people affirming, “I wasn’t born for this…” Or “I have two left hands (not being left handed people of course)”, or “That is not one of my talents…” And the list goes on.

Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet a very famous author whose novels have been taken to the stages many times. And curious about “the origin” of his impressive talent I asked him how did he discover he was an excellent writer? Continue reading