Next morning…


The merry voices of fishermen coming back from a hard day of being under the Sun for hours, was mixed with the voices of hundreds of people returning home in those huge boats called Vapur.

Everybody looked tired but happy, since their workday had finished and they were free to relax and forget about their problems for a while.

The coffee shops were full of men talking and laughing as if they were the happiest people on Earth.  Everything looked in order everywhere you looked.

The Bosphorus Bridge was packed with cars going both directions, loaded with people wishing to get home as soon as possible so they could share a delicious meal with their loved ones. Continue reading

Treat them well

To my mom.


She was a very little and frail old lady.

They were four huge men used to deal with difficult people who usually received them violently, but after all, that was their job, they deliver legal notifications and as they usually were bearers of bad news, people always treat them bad.

They were apparently habituated to this and their attitude was very aggressive. I saw the scene from a distance and, knowing how they behave sometimes, I was getting ready to go and be ready to protect that old lady from any hostility.

They knocked at her door as if they were trying to smash it to pieces.  The old lady opened the door and look at them with a smile, the expression of those four man was hard and cold, they were doing their job, so they didn’t need to be polite. Continue reading


I was feeling happy that morning.  I was actually enjoying that feeling of “Nothing is wrong in the world” when suddenly the left hemisphere of my brain began asking the right hemisphere what was he so happy about?

Maybe this unusual state of happiness was too suspicious for that side of the brain that is always analysing and questioning everything all the time.

So, of course he managed to find more than one “reason” to stop that “excess of happiness” and dedicate time to processing more “useful” and worrisome information.

So my mind began making a list of all those things in my past that were unfinished, unclear and unfair to my eyes so I could go back to the regular uneasiness pattern, more natural and popular these days in this world. Continue reading


We all have gone through difficult experiences, some more than others, but we all have survived the hard times.

I met once a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb, she was a very kind and sweet old woman.

When I was told she was a survivor of that terrible event, I just couldn´t believe it. She looked so peaceful, so sweet and so happy with life I just couldn´t believe she had gone through such an awful life experience!

Of course, you say, too many years have passed after that horrible incident, but let me tell you that I have met people who had far less awful experiences that had marked their character and personality. Continue reading

Make them smile

I knew she had gone through a real hell, to say the least. She had to suffer big losses and in some way anything I could say wouldn’t help her to get over all that.

When a person is really suffering there is no much you can say to them.  They need to go through their mourn cycle and then time will help them heal some wounds. Not completely but they will smile again.  And most times that is something you can try. Continue reading


“How can you be so enthusiastic all the time? Can’t you see the word is upside down?  Terrorism, war, hunger, economies and governments crumbling down, all that, and you dare to smile all the time?”. That was the way a friend of mine received me this morning.

“Your false happy attitude can bother many people around you” he said. Continue reading

Your smile

I was looking at him while I was waiting for the traffic lights to change so I could cross the street. He was a middle age man with old and dirty clothes who look very upset, people around him passed by his side ignoring him, or at least trying to pretend he was not there since he was speaking in loud voice something I couldn’t understand, he look more and more upset as more people passed by his side looking to the other side.

I wasn´t sure what his problem was but he look very disturbed.  The cars finally stopped and I was able to cross that wide avenue. As I approached the other side I was able to see that he remained on the other side, he didn´t cross the street when the cars stopped.  So he wasn’t mad for not being able to cross, he wasn’t in a hurry as the rest of the people around him. Continue reading