Hidden messages

I was reading a funny article in a Russian magazine about the way we should interpret woman’s words, like when they say “No” they mean “Yes” when they say “No problem” it really means “Prepare for trouble” and so forth.

Although this article was written in a humorous way, it helped me to realise that we are all using that “code” in some way or another every day.

How many times have you said “Yes” when you actually wanted to say “No” and immediately after you are desperately looking to “correct” your mistake? Continue reading


I respect your ways

I know you have heard many times that we are all different. No matter how long we have lived in the same community, in the same house and even in the same family. We have a lot in common and yet, we are still different.

You might like to add sugar in your tea, I prefer a little more cream in it instead. You might prefer a bagel with it, I prefer a ring doughnut. You might like to talk about politics, I rather skip that subject.

We can be so different in so many aspects and yet, we can share a nice tea moment, each enjoying, at the same time, our own personal pleasures. Continue reading