“I never thought this could happen to me”

For some reason, I always had a negative neuronal connection linked to that expression. And when I heard a person saying it, but referring to a positive event, my mind entered in shock.

My inner logic could not understand that it could be used to describe a positive situation.

I have a dim child memory of people using it constantly to describe tragic events in their life. I cannot remember someone in particular or the situations, but I believe it was then, when I made that neuronal link with a negative connotation.

When I heard those words used in an opposite context, my mind had to rethink the meaning of the phrase and then made an adjustment in my brain to place it in a new “storage position” so I could accept the real meaning. Continue reading

Not that far away…

When I have these dialogues with my inner self, I tend to “justify” many of the mistakes my subconscious mind points out to me. But as I cannot fool myself so easily, very often I end up “burnt and crashed” but a little bit wiser and stronger.

Sometimes I kept dreaming on things that seemed so “impossible” or too “far away” from me to reach them but that “impossibility” or “distance” made my mind doubt I could ever reach them. I am sure you have been there as well. We all have.

So when I begin to feel that way now what I usually do is rewind my memory tape and push play again so I can see how things “seemed” in the past and how now I am enjoying what in those times looked so far away from my reach and/or impossible to obtain at that time.

There is nothing more frustrating than entertaining the feeling of impossibility to reach a dream. Continue reading

It is your fault!

“You cannot blame me for that! My job is not inspire you or motivate you to do anything, that is your decision, I just give you the elements in a neutral way, you decide how to interpret them and what to do with them” Said angrily a voice in my head.

“But you made me feel sad with the images you were showing me!” My conscious mind answered defensively. Continue reading

The confrontation

When you have to face adversity in its many forms, you have many opportunities to deal with different aspects of your problems.

Sometimes when your problems touch an area of your being that really matters to you, you have to confront the problem in a different way.  When our emotions are involved we tend to see things under a different light and our decisions are therefore compromised. Continue reading


For some reason we believe we can get away with lying, not only to others, but to ourselves.

There are thousands of “reasons” to tell a lie.  There are many classifications for lies as well: “white lies”, “broken promises”, “lies to justify ourselves and/or others, “exaggeration” even “necessary lies” and so on. Continue reading


Lately scientists have been trying to define what is making people sick so they can find new treatments to new illnesses.

Although we could find many solutions to those illnesses by changing our feeding habits and by taking some time to study the old medicine books (those before allopathy appeared) and following those old and now forgotten principles.

But with our “life system” nowadays, there are many researches that are trying to understand what is causing such levels of stress and depression that are taking the lives of many people every day. Continue reading

Create a new subconscious

We have talked many times about how our subconscious mind creates our “external reality”. And I am sure you have found some good examples of it in your own life.

But I have been asked many times about the problem of changing our subconscious, and although it might sound as an impossible task to do, it is indeed possible to achieve.

Your subconscious is programmable.  Although most people think of it as a computer ROM (Read Only Memory) chip that is a part of a computer memory that cannot be written, for it contains instructions necessary for the internal system to work properly.  And many times we have been taught that our subconscious mind is a ROM chip, when actually it is more like a RAM (Random Access Memory) chip. Continue reading