The test

When you study a particular subject you are aware that after a certain period of time your teacher will try to evaluate your learning level by applying an exam.

Most educational systems have this habit of doing exams weekly, monthly some even more often and then at the end of the school period.

Nobody object this.  We all accept it, if not willingly at least we don´t make a big fuss about it. Continue reading

You´ll be happier now

When I received my first tricycle when I was around 3 or 4 years old, I thought that was the happiest day of my life. It was green with a white handle. I was the happiest boy on planet Earth.

Then the years passed and when I received my first video game console, I was so happy I couldn’t believe it was really happening, it was amazing and you could actually plug in a keyboard and write basic programs in it. I was the happiest teenager on planet Earth.

Then more years passed loaded with different happy moments when I considered myself the happiest person on planet Earth. And the truth is, right now I am finding even more moments when I am so happy and grateful every day, that I think I am the happiest person on planet Earth. Continue reading

Word exercise

One of the best exercises I have ever tried to get results in amazing ways is the “good words exercise”. Have you heard about it?

Well it consist in every time you open your mouth to talk about something, force yourself to speak only positive words.  That’s right! Not an easy task, but forcing yourself to speak only good positive words will keep you from talking tragedies, gossiping and criticising. Continue reading

There is the magic!

The ant had fallen into the sink full of water and was not moving at all, there was not a sign of live in her little body, probably she had spent the whole night there. I took her softly and put her on a napkin to try to absorb some water from her body. I leave her there the whole day.

When I came back home I had completely forgotten about the poor ant, so when I entered the bathroom I was surprised to see her on the same place I left her. I felt sorry for her and decided to put her body in the garden, but when I was about to do it, I noticed a slight movement in one of her antennae, I thought I had imagined that, so I waited for a while. Then with the help of a magnifying glass I was able to notice another movement in one of her legs. Continue reading