I am not a very social person. It is not that I do not love to meet new people, on the contrary, I love to meet new people but what I do not like is big crowds.

I like to focus on a small group of people so we can get to know each other well and I can give these new friends proper attention.  But when you have to meet many people at the same time is when I usually exit the stage left.

Do not get me wrong, I am not really antisocial, (well, not very much.) But I believe every person I meet is like a new window that allows you to see new scenery, new thoughts, new experiences and so on. Continue reading

My truth

Reading an article about religions in the world nowadays, I arrived to the conclusion that we are reaching the point where we will have our own personal philosophy and in the end we will leave rituals and rules behind.

Sorry to talk about this, if you know me, you know I don´t like to talk about religion, sports, politics, etc. But this time I just want to rant a little about the problem of intolerance.

We can see in the media all the problems that the lack of respect for the beliefs of others are causing. Continue reading

A sacred place

A had a friend who, since he was a little child, his parents taught him he needed to go to church to be able to speak to God.

He always attended his church services 3 times a week. He had the firm belief that the only place to talk to God was his church.  I asked him once why he had to rush to his church every time he wanted to pray, if God was everywhere at any time. He just answered that he knew that but, that his parents had planted that seed in his heart and that now he was not able to let it go that easily. Continue reading