The test

When you study a particular subject you are aware that after a certain period of time your teacher will try to evaluate your learning level by applying an exam.

Most educational systems have this habit of doing exams weekly, monthly some even more often and then at the end of the school period.

Nobody object this.  We all accept it, if not willingly at least we don´t make a big fuss about it. Continue reading


I always thought I had mastered my favourite subject (mathematics) since I had graduated and received a title as an engineer. When I was at school, I always entertained the idea that once you finish your career you know everything you need to work on your profession and then you can proceed to the next step. Whatever a next step is.

I thought I had “made it” and I shouldn’t worry about “looking back” to review what I supposedly knew so well. But I was surprised when I tried to enrol in an advanced quantum mechanics class, they asked me to take an online test to see my “level”, since this class was only for “advanced students”. And they expected us to have a certain level in order to deal with the concepts without having to “explain the basics” to the no initiated.  Continue reading

The Teacher

In almost every ancient tradition the role of the teacher is always mentioned with respect and reverence. At least when I was a little child we used to respect and give a very special place to our teachers, I cannot say the same is happening now, since the lack of respect for our teachers and elders will take us to bigger problems we cannot yet see clearly but we should do something about it before is too late.

But once you leave the school and begin your journey in this life, new kinds of teachers appear in different times and places just to remind you the things you already knew but keep forgetting to apply in your daily practice, or to teach you about new perspectives and methods that could help you to be a better you. For you and the rest of the planet. Continue reading


A typical question I am asked all the time is if you could avoid bad things to happen to you and your loved ones through visualisation.

We can alter our results, our own perception of reality, our bad habits and ideas and create all the good things we need in our life.  But we are not living alone in this plane.  We are not the only creators of this universe.  Continue reading

Belittling your suffering

I was feeling a little down for things didn’t go the way I was expecting them, I was failing to search for the lesson I needed to learn this time and maybe, just maybe looking for some sympathy and “understanding” (yes, receiving some pats on the back).

But instead of that, she began laughing at my problems. She began telling me about all her family and economic problems that of course “were many times worst” than mine.  Or at least that is what she thought. Continue reading

Their pain

When I listened to this man shouting at me unintelligible things, I was surprised. I didn’t do anything to provoke him, he just suddenly exploded with anger but the reason for that anger wasn’t me, he was just trying to find someone to pour that load of resentment on.

I didn’t even have the chance to ask him why he was so upset, he just kept walking mumbling something about an unpaid cheque, and instead of taking his aggression, I just felt sorry for him and even understood his frustration, since I had been there as well. Continue reading

The three gates

I have mentioned before examples of one of my favourite book, “the never ending story” by Michael Ende. I was thinking this morning about one part I really love of that book: the three gates.

In the movie there are only two gates but in the book there are three. The thing is that in order to get to the third gate, you need to cross the other two, you cannot walk around the other gates.

You can learn a lot by reading and watching both versions and get your own interpretation Continue reading