Thank you!

Thank you for those bad Mondays, because they gave me the opportunity to start a better week.

Thank you for those rude people who crossed my path, because thanks to them I can appreciate the kindness of other strangers.

Thank you for those mistakes in my youth, because now I can understand my children better.

Thank you for that scolding I received on time, because now I can tell right from wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know I was wrong, because now I can see the difference.

Thank you for mistreating me, because now I have learnt to respect all people regardless of their appearance, race or beliefs. Continue reading


Being here


It seems very difficult nowadays to live in the present. Either we remain missing the past or dreaming about the future. But we forget to live here and now.

I was listening to a song this morning, it was about the importance of enjoying the present because you’re going to miss it in the future, and it got me thinking about that the whole day.

Most times we don’t like what we are looking around us right now.

And it’s amazing how we waste time complaining about the circumstances in the present, wishing we could go back in the past, where this “problems” didn´t exist, or we spend the time wishing our future will be different. Continue reading

Follow your heart

I was surprised to see her once more. Years had passed and it was evident to the eyes, we were not the same.

I guess she thought the same about me, but besides the natural changes time inflict upon us, there was something else I couldn´t define in her.

“What is wrong?” I asked her.

“I guess everything is wrong. No, actually I am wrong” She said after a long pause.

I waited patiently until she was able to talk again. Continue reading