Your tools

When I was a child, I was always questioning why “bad” things existed.

Why God had invented “pain”, “fear”, “sadness” and so on?

We would be much happier if there was no such thing as fear, right? But then, I was explained that without fear I would not be alive today.  If fear would not let me know my life is in danger when I approach a precipice, I would continue walking and probably fall to my death. But fear was there to stop me in time and keep me from jumping and getting killed or badly injured.

If that fear were not there to activate my instinct of conservation, then I would easily lose my hand when I cook or work with my electric saw. Or I could get easily killed by walking at night through dangerous places, etc.

So, that little voice is not that bad after all. Continue reading

The test

When you study a particular subject you are aware that after a certain period of time your teacher will try to evaluate your learning level by applying an exam.

Most educational systems have this habit of doing exams weekly, monthly some even more often and then at the end of the school period.

Nobody object this.  We all accept it, if not willingly at least we don´t make a big fuss about it. Continue reading


I was trying to understand what two young girls were trying to say to each other while waiting on a platform in an underground station. They were with an adult who I assume was the mother of one of the teenagers.

It was very difficult to understand what they were talking about, but I felt relieved when I notice I was not the only one, the mother and two other ladies were in the same predicament I was.  We obviously were confused with the way some words were used.

I cannot remember exactly what words they were using but, when one of them asked the other the meaning of one of those words, she gave an answer that was far from being correct. Continue reading

Inner wisdom II

Inner wisdom comes not only in the form of theory or intellectual knowledge. It is a more profound concept.

We can say it is a part of our inner baggage, a set of tools that travel with us all our life and constantly updates with the help or our experiences and tests in life.

It means to be true to our inner being and apply those tools in our daily life. Continue reading

The voice

Wait! You have been through too many things in your life and you might not be perfect, but you are a gem who took a long time and effort to be who you are now.

You have reached this far and it would be a shame if you’d stopped right now and decide to finish your journey just a few inches from your goal.

I know your trip have been difficult, you have survived and you are a living example for all of us who are watching you, even if you haven’t noticed us. Continue reading


I grew up hearing “if you want things well done, do them yourself”.  Usually when you do team work it is very difficult to get the results you would have expected, if you had done the whole work alone.

We all have different gifts, abilities, knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and interests, so to gather a team where every person will deliver their best to achieve certain result is a very difficult task. Continue reading


We are not as “left alone” as sometimes we feel we are.

We are born with our own gifts and virtues but we are not completely “on our own”. We might not see it or feel it in a more tangible way but there are much more around us that our senses can perceive. Continue reading

Your treasure

There are just too much information on the media about what we need to know for having an abundant life, a prosperous business, the healthiest body and a wonderful love life among other things.

Most of that info addresses a full gamma of “new knowledge” that has been created to adapt it to our modern circumstances and if you look around carefully you can find very interesting material out there.

After some centuries of “educating” humanity to see themselves as “sinners”, “worthless”, “undeserving” and other niceties brought to us thanks to most religions around the world, it still surprises me that “formal” education at universities and colleges around the world do not make room for the most important of all subjects and tools for success and advancement for every human being.

Continue reading

Keshigomu (消しゴム)


Keshigomu is the Japanese word for rubber (eraser), that little useful thing we use to erase mistakes in a piece of paper when we write or draw with a pencil.

A friend of mine used to carry one in his pocket and usually you could see him holding it in his hand very often.

One day I couldn’t resist my curiosity and asked him why he was sometimes holding that rubber in his hand.  He looked at me with a smile and said: -obviously to erase my mistakes, for what else? Continue reading