There is a reason

The afternoon was beautiful, the blue sky showed just a few clouds in the distance and the river Cherwell remained calmed as usual with a few couples punting in the distance.

My friend professor H, is very well known for his discoveries in physics and specially for his theories in quantum mechanics. But that evening, his lesson had nothing to do with the behaviour of particles or other dimensions.

He was more quiet than usual, but today he looked more distant than other times. I didn’t want to interrupt his thoughts and I just limited to walk beside him in silence.

He suddenly stopped and said in a loud voice: “Everything is just about understanding” and continued his promenade. Continue reading

It is not you…

You have done your best to be kind, generous, friendly and understanding towards others.  You consider yourself a peaceful, relaxed and easy to talk to kind of person. You work on your inner self constantly and take care of your own body as well as you can.

Nevertheless, the people you care the most, keep misunderstanding your words, intentions and actions.

What then, are you doing wrong?

Probably nothing.  You are not doing things wrong in purpose.  Maybe the only problem you are causing yourself, is worrying too much for what others think about you.

You have no need to care too much for the opinion of others about yourself. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, with the way you are living your life, by reaching your goals and if you are not hurting anyone in the process, it is almost certain that you are not doing anything wrong to them. Continue reading

Do it for you

The more you advance in life, the more you realise that your reality has more to do with yourself than with external elements.

We are taught to avoid selfish attitudes and to pay attention on the opinion of the rest of the world, before considering our own.

You try sometimes to be good to other people, specially your loved ones, but time teaches you that you cannot make them love you, as you love them, you cannot expect them to be as good and loyal to you, as you are to them. You cannot force them to see life as you do, because they have their own view of the world, they have their own needs and they experience a different life with different perspectives and ideas, even if they spend all the time near you. Continue reading


I grew up hearing “if you want things well done, do them yourself”.  Usually when you do team work it is very difficult to get the results you would have expected, if you had done the whole work alone.

We all have different gifts, abilities, knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and interests, so to gather a team where every person will deliver their best to achieve certain result is a very difficult task. Continue reading

Trust and jump

The swimming instructor was on the other side of the pool with her hand extended towards me, asking me to jump in the water so I could lost my fear of swimming. The pool was deep, it was the “pool for the adults” as my friends and I called it.

I don’t remember the real depth, I was just 6 years old at the time.

What I clearly remember is the feeling of fear and anxiety I felt when I didn’t dare to jump into the water, even when I had the hand of the instructor less than a yard away from me. Continue reading


You don’t need to push other people to keep your own pace.  Every person has his/her own timing and we cannot judge others just because they are doing things differently than ourselves.

We tend to judge everything from our own standards that is natural. But expecting that the whole world will be as “good” as we are, or that they will react, think and feel the same way as we do, is one of the main causes for our inner conflicts. Continue reading

Their pain

When I listened to this man shouting at me unintelligible things, I was surprised. I didn’t do anything to provoke him, he just suddenly exploded with anger but the reason for that anger wasn’t me, he was just trying to find someone to pour that load of resentment on.

I didn’t even have the chance to ask him why he was so upset, he just kept walking mumbling something about an unpaid cheque, and instead of taking his aggression, I just felt sorry for him and even understood his frustration, since I had been there as well. Continue reading


As we have been talking lately about finding your real reason to do things in your life, many other aspects appear in our way.

We look back at our past history and probably we will find moments, events and people who cause us to feel some degree of regret, we would like to go back and do things differently.

We all have experienced something like that in our life and sometimes we even wonder how our life would had been if we had done things differently. Continue reading


Just yesterday I was asking you not to receive the mental and emotional rubbish of others, so it wouldn’t pollute your subconscious mind.  But I don’t want to give a wrong impression, I am not asking you to close yourself completely to the others.

There are times when the others need to be heard. And there is a big difference between receiving their waste emotional material and allowing them to let their feelings and emotions out. Continue reading

And he was right in front of me (reflexion)

I was complaining on the mobile about some silly things that I was considering a big deal at the moment when I noticed a homeless man walking towards me, his dirty old clothes and the bags he was carrying on his back was a sad image to see, but when he was a couple metres from me I couldn’t help staring at him for his face looked so familiar.

As soon as he looked at me I immediately look the other way, since I had recognised him and I didn’t want him to notice it. Continue reading