Recently I met with a friend of mine who is well known for his enthusiasm and total commitment to what he does.  He looked tired and a little gloomy.

After the typical exchange of salutations, I asked him what was wrong with him: “You look so different today, are you bored?” I said jokingly.

“Yes, I am bored of everything” he answered me sadly.

“What is wrong? You are not like that” I asked him a little worried.

“You know me, I always try to do my best with a smile in my face, I sometimes do for others what I don’t even do for myself.” He kept complaining.

“I have done my best for many people, but when I need them they turn their back to me, they have completely forgotten all what I have done for them in the past. These are upsetting times people just don’t care anymore, I feel lonelier than ever.”

I looked at him totally understanding his feelings, I believe we all have been there at some point. Continue reading


Do not allow them

You wake up feeling wonderful, you had a good night and you feel happy and expectant about your day.

You are not feeling tired like other days and you know deep inside of you that this could be a wonderful day.

You wear your best coat and leave your home to conquer the world, you even see your street and the people walking around you under a different light. You are even smiling, but suddenly, a bus passing right in front of you splashes the water of a dirty puddle all over you, now your precious coat looks like rubbish and you just want to vanish into the centre of the earth.

You go back to your home and quickly fetch the fist garments you find in your closet.  Obviously, you get to your job late and, a furious boss asks you to present him the reports he has been asking you for since last week, just to find a ton of mistakes in them, so you are obliged to do them again. Continue reading