You have survived

When I was a child I found happy faces everywhere I looked.  Now it is getting more difficult to find them around.  Probably as a child I did not put much attention to other people’s mood, the people I looked at was happier or I was not trained to see a sad or depressed face yet.

“Those were other times” some would answer, “People then had fewer worries, these times are more difficult” is a common response nowadays.

I am not sure how to classify it, but yes, finding happy faces is not as easy for me lately.  Should I move to a different country? Well, not exactly, after travelling a lot I have found all kind of people everywhere, but thanks to the internet now you can talk to people on the other side of the planet in real time and realise that they are not having it easier there either. Continue reading

Look at your medals!


I was observing with special curiosity the great collection of medals from a friend who is a General in the Armed forces.

When I was a child, I always thought they give you medals in the army for killing people, so I never saw them as a good thing to show off, and when I saw the military parades I couldn’t understand very well why people look at them with admiration.

So when I saw my friend polishing his medals before a ceremony I started to ask him the meaning and reason of each of those medals.

He had too many of them, so I just asked him about a few but I was very surprised with his answers. Continue reading