Our tribe

They say our friends are the family we choose. Sometimes they are the ones that support us and help us through hard times. They are the only people by our side when we need them and are the ones who can talk with us for hours.

We choose who will enter our tribe and that is our own right and privilege.

But how strict are you for admitting new people in your “chosen clan”? Continue reading



We hear a lot of people criticising the way others behave. We judge them according to our own parameters, but we ignore the reasons that made those people to act the way they did.

I am sure you have been judged many times, sometimes you found out later, but most times you didn’t, but I am sure you would be surprised to know how your actions impressed other people and how they made a wrong judgement, but never stopped to find out from you, the real reasons for your decisions and behaviours. Continue reading

Happiness vibration

It would be wonderful if you could just wake in the morning feeling so happy and grateful for your life as it is. (Yes, even on Monday).

Imagine waking up and seeing things as if it was the first time you see them and feel the gratitude of having them in your life.

If you can achieve that, then you might say you have reached true enlightenment! Continue reading