I was not aware of the root of his anger.  He had always been a very nice person, always smiling and joking with everyone around him.

They had been friends since their early childhood. They had been together in many battles and in many celebrations as well.

But then one day his friend left the country to begin his quest to find his “real self”. Many new paths and experiences awaited him ahead.

They lost contact for many years until, one day, he returned home. Continue reading


“I must be getting old”, I thought.

When I was younger I remember to feel bad about those grumpy old men who spend their whole time complaining about everything and everyone.

My grandmother used to say: “When I was your age, people were polite, we never disrespect others”. “Your generation knows not what manners are” and so on and so forth.

And now, I have become that old grumpy man who cannot believe his eyes and ears anymore.  Continue reading


She was really struggling to climb up the stairs at an underground station. I could notice she said something with ever step she climbed. She was around 60 years old, so she was not so old as to have such difficulty to move, so I thought she could use some help. I approached her offering my arm so she could use it as a support.

She just smiled and grabbed my arm at the same time she kept repeating: “I am so weak now”. I kept my silence while she slowly climbed each step of those long stairs, and every step she repeated the same words: “I am so weak now”. Continue reading

Stop it! You don’t have to be strong all the time

(Taken from my book “Quantum Thoughts – Answers”)

Stop it! You don’t have to be strong all the time

“Just keep going”, “You have to be strong”, “Keep your head up”, “Don’t be afraid”, “Don’t worry, be happy” and many other expressions are said very lightly by everyone when the problem is on someone else’s shoulders.

But when they have to deal with difficult times the same people who told you that in the past, get mad at you when you use the same clichés on them. Continue reading