The puddle

After an amazing storm I was on my way to see a client trying to find shortcuts along the way to arrive on time.

I decided to go through a park I have never visited before but, it was on the way to my client’s office.  I was walking very fast and suddenly, after a curve, I found myself in front of a huge puddle.

At first I thought trying to jump over it or, slowly walk through it, but the image of a video of a car sinking in an apparently innocent puddle came to my mind.   This video showed a car crossing a seemingly inoffensive puddle in a street of a big city, but it seems it was covering a huge “gap”, the car unknowingly kept advancing and suddenly disappeared into the “puddle”.

The video did not show whether the driver was able to come out alive from there, but the image remained very clear in my mind.  Continue reading


Why do bad things have to exist? If God is so “good” as they say, then why he allows the bad and the ugly to exist?

These are common questions we all hear all the time.

And have you ever imagined a world without opposites?

It could not exist at all actually.

We need a point of comparison to be able to “measure” things. How would you know if something is cold if there was not hot? Silly example I know I am just trying to make my point here. Continue reading


I have heard a lot about being egoist lately. Some say it is the worst thing you can be if you want to advance in your spiritual life and others say that being egoist is an act of self-preservation.

I believe that, as usual, this is a problem of definition.  What some people define as egoism in others, could be defined as self appreciation when applied to themselves. Continue reading

Be happy but don’t stop there

I was wondering how would I feel If I had everything I needed right now.

Well you’d feel really happy and satisfied, that would be the obvious answer and yes, I agree, I could feel happy and relaxed, indeed, but would I stop right there?

If you could have everything you wished for right now, would you just stop doing anything else? Would you spend you days laying on a couch watching television and nothing else would matter to you any more? After all, you would have everything you ever wanted. Continue reading


Now we are ready to start living our new life, we need to remember that we are co-creators of this reality, therefore we are a part of this Universe and everything that we do will affect the rest of creation.

If we see this world in that way, we will see that every word, thought and action will have extended repercussions.

That means that what we know as Karma will give us exactly what we put out to the Universe. Karma is a very difficult concept to define, as usual it depends on the school of Thought you belong to, and its meaning varies accordingly. But a very general definition would be that according to your deed will be your reward.  If you act well, you will get good results (some schools say double folded) if you act badly you will receive the same in return. Continue reading