It’s ok (Note to self)

It’s OK to wake up one morning feeling drained, without your usual joy of life on and to decide in that very moment to take the day off. Just to gather enough strength to carry on with your journey.

It is valid to decide today not to feel gratitude for the good things you have got and, to let your heart feel that nostalgia for the days and people who are no longer here with you.

It is acceptable to decide to let anger and sadness to fill your heart and soul for a while because those feelings are a part of your human nature and have a reason to exist in you. Continue reading


One of the most powerful tools some groups and nations around the world, are using against humanity is terror.

There is nothing that paralyses us more than fear.  Our whole body, mind and spirit ceases to respond and the whole world stops for a few instants. And we are the most vulnerable creatures in that moment. Continue reading

Success in others

It is so easy to enjoy our own success, obviously it feels great and it is part of our life. When we achieve something we feel great and that feeling helps us to set even higher goals. It fills us with enthusiasm and self-confidence and those are great fuels.

It is easy to feel inspired and motivated with the success of our close family and even friends.  When we see a close one who has been struggling and probably we have witnessed this effort from a close range, we can feel this success as our own. That will motivate us and help us to try to achieve more ourselves. Continue reading