Embrace it

I have heard so many times that you have to embrace change and difficulties when they come, that I thought I had totally understood the idea. And probably I had, but as usual when it comes to apply our knowledge in real life, things become difficult.

We are all excellent for theory but when practice time arrives, the story is quite different, same thing when giving advice to others, we already know what to say to them in any situation THEY have to face, but when we are in the same predicament, all those answers and solutions vanish from our head. Continue reading

Just breath

Action is what creates our reality in this universe.  We need start “doing” in order to create, exist and advance. Passiveness is one of the most dangerous things in the path to our enlightenment.  Nevertheless, remember that we live in a balanced reality and we cannot keep always on the same side of the balance, we need to keep moving from one side to the other without falling into either extreme. That is the dance with the Universe. Continue reading

Why aren’t you worried?

We have talked about the importance of remaining calmed and with a positive attitude most of the time. And I am not talking about a silly unrealistic happy attitude towards everything in our life.  Of course we will have pain and sorrow sometimes and I do hope you won’t fall in love with them and prolonged their existence, for everything has a reason to be in our life and we have to learn a lot from them but, every cycle has its own timing and we need to let them be and respect their natural duration.

A very particular problem is the way your close ones react towards you.  I am talking about those people who are close to you and in some way observe your external processes but they cannot observe your inner work nor they know about it. Continue reading